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Tired of navigating the overwhelming world of healthcare? Look no further. Mya Care, the end-to-end global solution for your health and wellness needs, can help simplify the process. With its online portal connecting users to a network of healthcare professionals and providers worldwide, Mya Care takes the hassle out of finding the right care suited for your needs. And with an expanding network of options, as well as a user-friendly platform and comprehensive healthcare content, Mya Care has got you covered. In an interview with 5-HT, Manish Menda, Suman Menda and their father Ramesh Menda talk about their innovative healthcare platform, Mya Care. 

The future of healthcare is digitalisation

“Our online portal connects patients with healthcare professionals, medical facilities and other service providers around the globe,” asserted Suman Menda, Co-founder, Mya Care and Mya Digital. Users gain access to doctors, hospitals, alternative medicine, wellness spas, telehealth partners, online pharmacies and other related services. The Mya Care Team is dedicated to supporting those who seek medical treatment by providing easy access to healthcare information and treatment options.

Initially, Mya Care began as a one-stop healthcare resource that easily enabled individuals to plan hassle-free medical trips abroad. The Menda family developed the portal through the eyes of the user, drawing off tried and trusted personal experience when traveling abroad and searching for credible healthcare providers, medical professionals and other related services. 

However, they realized that the portal went beyond just healthcare travel. The online platform serves to empower its users by offering all the relevant information in one place. “Our aim is to expand your healthcare horizons through the power of simplicity, supplying you with all you need to take charge of your health and wellbeing. By making use of our extensive database of medical treatments, healthcare services and world-class professionals, many unnecessary hurdles to healthcare can be eliminated,” explains Manish Menda, Co-founder, Mya Care and Mya Digital. 

Connecting people with professionals

COVID-19 has been a huge game changer in how people consume healthcare content and address their health needs. Post-COVID, healthcare companies have majorly focussed on enabling users to make better decisions by providing them information online that is useful and easy to understand. For instance, the variety of COVID-19 vaccines available created a massive demand for detailed and up-to-date information on their efficacy. Users were keen on the latest findings based on studies and trials to make an informed choice. As a solution to this need, a detailed and consistently updated article, expertly curating information based on the latest scientific findings, was published on Mya Care. This article is among the highest-ranking resources worldwide on the topic. 

The role of technology in healthcare has undergone paradigm shifts leading to massive digitisation, with services and content increasingly sought online. While reliable, people-oriented content can be vital for patients, effective treatment necessitates the integration of other health information and expert guidance. Mya Care assists people in this process.

After verifying an inquiry, Mya Care puts users directly in contact with doctors and healthcare providers, enabling patients to investigate their options more personally. This allows users to ask questions and determine whether the location, facility and specialists available suit their needs. One can also access facility images, blogs, videos, physician profiles and detailed information on procedures, all of which can be found in each provider’s clinical profile.

A world of healthcare placed directly at your fingertips

Exploring worldwide healthcare services, top clinics, specialized physicians, healthcare information and much more is possible using the portal. “Mya Care is completely free for patients,” said  Ramesh Menda.

“We know from our own experience that everyone’s healthcare needs are unique and that it’s not always clear which path will bring one toward optimal health and well-being,” added Manish. 

You will be able to search through Mya Care's global health directory, inform yourself of treatment options and find the best healthcare provider to suit your needs. The possibilities are exhaustive.

After evaluating your treatment options, the next step is to get in touch with a suitable healthcare provider or doctor. Mya Care will present you with an inquiry form, which allows the doctor or clinic to understand more about the services you require. After this is submitted, Mya Care validates your inquiry before forwarding it to the respective doctor or healthcare representative to contact you.

This part of the process allows users to seek clarifications and get all the details they need before choosing a healthcare provider or treatment protocol. Refine your understanding of the latest treatment options using our blog and get opinions from experienced doctors worldwide to formulate an action plan for optimizing your health.

The Mya Care platform enables users to consult with multiple healthcare providers and professionals through a simple yet comprehensive interface. “It's all in one place – helping patients to find a suitable doctor and supporting their travels to said medical facility,” said Suman. 

An updated platform - find healthcare worldwide 

“The updated platform is more user-friendly and scalable, shifting more toward our strategy around healthcare content. In addition to this, we have been working with hospitals and doctors to develop health and wellness content such as blog articles, animated videos and medical illustrations,” asserted Suman. 

MyaCare Website

The choice of healthcare providers available through the platform is constantly expanding. 

“At Mya Care, we understand that not all patients or their family members are well-versed with medical terms. This involves the various diseases, disorders, treatments, and surgeries that you may require. To help understand the various treatments that our registered doctors, physicians, and healthcare providers offer, we provide a comprehensive guide to the many treatments available in modern medicine,” added Manish. 

MyaCare Website

Globalising healthcare is a real matter of the heart for the Menda family

Due to their own personal and professional background, the Menda family has a lot of experience with questions concerning the medical system. Manish and his father Ramesh are personally experienced with traveling for medical purposes. Interestingly, both went to Germany for medical treatment.

“We know the challenges involved in finding hospitals and doctors”, Manish elaborates, “A few years ago, my father Ramesh had a heart condition. We were looking for very specific equipment that could not be found in our region. Through connections and asking around, we found that the required equipment was available at a hospital in Germany.”  He continues, “On the Mya Care platform, patients can also search for specialized equipment that might be available with various healthcare providers.”

Besides their personal connect with healthcare journeys, the Menda family also has a background in healthcare, with both Suman and Manish working in the healthcare industry before founding Mya Care. Manish Menda previously spearheaded a business that helped patients finance their medical treatment in India. “Because of our healthcare background, people often asked us where to go for certain procedures, especially if it required specific equipment”, Manish remembers. In the end, he sold his business and founded Mya Care with his sister and father, based on their own experiences of how difficult the healthcare journey can be for patients.

A family business 

Healthcare is evolving on a daily basis due to enhanced global connectivity between international medical institutes, healthcare providers and patients. Mya Care facilitates this process every time new healthcare facilities and treatment centres join their database. Currently, the portal features thousands of treatment options available globally. 

The success of an enterprise greatly depends on how well it can adapt to changes and the pandemic was a huge eye-opener in this regard. Among the organizations that pivoted or modified their business models during the pandemic to thrive, Mya Care has been at the forefront. The secret to success is staying agile and dynamic and adapting to ever-changing scenarios.

Mya Care is a true success story that shows how hard work, perseverance and the right vision can create a successful business. It is a role model for other startups and proof that anything is possible if you believe in your dreams.

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