Connection with companies

Benefit from the exchange with market leaders.

We are in close contact with the companies and investors in our ecosystem, who are continuously looking for cutting-edge innovations. Our goal is to position your startup in the most optimal way, so that your ideas and solutions get the widest possible reach. That's why we take great care to involve you in our thematically diverse programs at the right time.


Startups in our ecosystem regularly have the opportunity to be included in exclusive reports to exciting corporate partners. If your startup impresses them, we will individually prepare you for the subsequent interview. This increases the chances of a successful cooperation!

Matching programs

We offer you the environment in which you can present your solution to our cooperation partners. Whether in regular reports to the corporate partners or at matchmaking events that take place in person or virtually.

Especially the internationally oriented event series "5-HT X-linker" serves as a perfect platform to get in touch with the participating companies 1-1 after the pitching in the plenum. You will receive direct feedback from market leaders and can explore potential collaborations. Our 5-HT X-linkers cover relevant topics and challenges on Digital Chemistry, Digital Health, Green Energy and Sustainability, giving startups in our ecosystem the opportunity to highlight their USPs.

Success stories

So far, we have been able to connect more than 200 startups with corporate partners and thus initiate business relationships. Become part of the 5-HT success story!

Become part of the 5-HT Chemistry & Health

Exchange ideas with innovative startups and future-oriented companies in our ecosystem. We look forward to meeting you!