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As a nationwide digital hub, the 5-HT Chemistry & Health supports companies in the chemical and healthcare industries with the realization of digital innovations. This also includes digital solutions for more sustainability in both industries.

As part of the 5-HT community, we promote your startup with our expert and industry knowledge in various ways - through individual coaching, introductions to industry giants and hidden champions, participation in our own and external events and by increasing your level of awareness. Thus you are fit for the future and secure your market position!

Our community opens many doors for you and connects you with the right people at the right time – maybe even to your next customers? We help you take your ideas to the next level.

Access to established companies and ecosystems

With our contacts to the right people, you will receive a unique entree to corporations and hidden champions through us. Not that easy when you’re on your own!

Gain customers

We clear the track for you to acquire new customers. Because getting to know them and the right preparation for this are the crucial points. We support you in this. We have already been able to initiate numerous successful business contacts in this way.

Access to our investor network

Are you looking for suitable investors who will support you precisely with your performance, your development stage and your financing needs? We have an investor network to which we can provide you with a helpful entree.

Access to our mentor network

You need a competent advisor? In our mentor network, we bring together experts from different fields and subject areas with many years of business experience. They will be happy to provide you with advice and support as needed.

Expand network

These days, it's hard to move forward without a good network. Get to know other startups from several countries through 5-HT. Or scientists. Or partner hubs. Or the many others in our community.

Increase awareness

Let us help you become better known in the market for chemistry, health and sustainability. Through our ever-increasing reach, we achieve visibility that your startup can benefit from, for example, when we introduce you through an interview. Or make you nationally and internationally known through the Digital Hub Initiative and GTAI.

Startup Coaching

In our 5-HT Startup Coaching Programme, you receive one-to-one support and individual feedback in exactly the areas that meet your needs. This way, we make you fit for your further development and the get-to-know with potential business partners.


At our 5-HT events, you can get in touch with our community and potential customers and investors, also in individual sessions. In addition, we give you partly exclusive access to national and international events of our partners.

Support for startups of all maturity levels

We offer support to startups at different stages of maturity, as we want to accompany and advance you in all your development stages.

No financial participation/equity required

All our programs and services are free of charge for startups, and we do not take any shares or equity from you. Our claim is to support you value-free and without own financial considerations.

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