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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, we connect companies with innovative startups worldwide for more digitalization in chemistry, health and sustainability.

We create global connections

between established chemical and healthcare companies and tech startups. LOCALLY ANCHORED. ACTIVE NATIONWIDE. GLOBAL ON THE MOVE.

5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health, as part of the Digital Hub Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, supports companies in the chemical and healthcare industries in realizing digital innovations. For us, this also includes digital solutions for green energy and sustainability in both industries. As a central platform, we offer players the opportunity to network, cooperate and co-develop.

The comprehensive startup strategy adopted by the German cabinet in July 2022 aims to strengthen startup ecosystems in Germany and Europe. The Digital Hub Initiative is part of this roadmap and is intended to support progress in individual fields of action with existing structures. In our focus sectors, we are promoting the successful development of startups and the implementation of their solutions in many places and with numerous measures.

For established companies

Networking. Scouting Services. Access to startup ecosystems. And more.

Accelerate your innovation processes - through access to suitable startups and exchange with peers. Become more visible in the tech scene as an innovation player.

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For Startups

​Market access. Bootcamps. Startup coaching. Awareness. And more.

As part of our ecosystem, you will gain access to players such as industry giants, hidden champions or investors. In addition, individual coaching and further support.

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As external innovation drivers, startups are essential drivers for digital transformation. Through us, established companies gain access to 320+ global startups and diverse players. And vice versa.

At 5-HT, we bring together leading industry giants and hidden champions, giving us international appeal. That is why startups from all over the world see 5-HT as the gateway to the German chemical and healthcare industry. In our international ecosystem, we have created a lively platform for exchange and cooperation - for new impulses and the active future-oriented shaping of our industrie.

Network innovation partners

Leverage international ecosystem.

To promote digital innovation in chemistry, healthcare and sustainability, we connect relevant players in our international ecosystem - established companies, startups, investors, academia as well as digital talents and other partners. Together, we pursue the goal of accelerating digitalization in our industries.

Sustainability Contribution

5-HT Startups. Support. UN Sustainable Development Goals.

5-HT Beitrag zu Nachhaltigkeit

Where does the name 5-HT come from?

We have networking already in the name.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (messenger substance) that transmits information in our nervous system. Its correct biochemical name is 5-hydroxytryptamine, or 5-HT for short.

5-HT describes both the chemical character of the messenger as well as its biological mode of action as a neurotransmitter, and stands like no other molecule for the activities of our Digital Hub: the networking of startups, companies, organizations and universities to enable information exchange and collaboration in a specific, targeted and fast way.

5-HT Team

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