Information for founders

Interesting facts about founding a company in Germany.

There are many things to consider for a successful founding. That's why we've put together some additional information for you. You will find interesting facts about starting a business in Germany, about funding programs, about Germany and the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar, and about the regional network in the metropolitan region.

Unternehmensgründung in Deutschland

Starting a business in Germany

Overview of rules and processes.

Here you can find out more about relevant legal forms, employee- and social security, the most common tax laws as well as further information on starting a company in Germany.

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Förderprogramme in Deutschland

Funding programs in Germany

Overview of Startup Funding.

There are many funding opportunities for startups in Germany: From the EU, the state, the federal states and from corporate venture capitalists and banking-backed VCs in the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar.

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Deutschland und Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar

Germany and Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar

Facts and figures.

Germany and the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar are economically strong regions with a very good infrastructure. A settlement here offers many advantages - for startups and for companies.

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