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Things to know for foreign startups entering the German market.

A settlement of your startup in Germany holds enormous potential and is at the same time connected with some efforts and hurdles. In order for the project and the start in Germany to be successful, you need information and competent partners who are available with advice and support.

The 5-HT Softlanding supports foreign startups in entering the German market.

We have compiled information worth knowing about the foundation of your business in Germany: Which legal form is the right one? Where can I find financial support? How and where to find workers? What are the advantages of Germany and what are the advantages of the economically strong and livable Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region with its focus on chemicals, medtech and life sciences? And how can you network with the lively ecosystem there?

We will also put you in touch with our partners, who will provide you with practical business support. This ranges from opening an account to tax law and office space. And of course you will also get to know the region around Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg and make first connections to the network for your business.

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How to start a business in Germany

Starting a business in a new country can be confusing and complicated. 5-HT has compiled a brief overview of the most important and common rules and processes you should be aware of when starting a business in Germany. This includes information on legal entities and legal forms, common tax laws and how to find the right employees.

Financial support/Support programs

Financial support for startups is offered by the federal government at federal, state and regional levels. If you want to know what funding opportunities are available for your business, 5-HT gives you an overview of some of the possibilities.

Germany & Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar

Germany is the largest market in Europe and a leading economy. It can provide both a large domestic market and easy access to other markets within the European Union. In addition, Germany's highly developed infrastructure easily connects people and goods both within Germany and across the European continent. Germany has a very good climate for innovators.

The Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar is located in southwestern Germany. It includes the cities of Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, among others, and covers an area of 5,600 square kilometers. The region is home to around 160,000 companies, the most important industries being: Chemicals, Software and Health & Life Sciences.

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