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5-HT Softlanding

Support program for foreign startups to enter the German market.

The 5-HT Softlanding Program supports foreign startups entering the German market. During this program, 5-HT can offer you a guided program to immerse your startup in the German market and free office space for up to 4 weeks.

The program may include various workshops, connections to the regional business and investor landscape, visits to potential office and lab space for your company, and fun activities. It will be customized and cannot include all possible components.

The program takes place on request.

This program is supported by:

5-HT Soft Landing Program

If you are already sure you want to grow your business and are considering entering the German market and setting up here, check out the 5-HT Soft Landing Program. In it, we offer you workshops, connections to the regional business and investor landscape, visits to potential office and lab space for your startup, and fun activities.

How to start a business in Germany

Starting a business in a new country can be confusing and complicated. 5-HT has compiled a brief overview of the most important and common rules and processes you should be aware of when starting a business in Germany. This includes information on legal entities and legal forms, common tax laws and how to find the right employees.

Financial support/Support programs

Financial support for startups is offered by the federal government at federal, state and regional levels. If you want to know what funding opportunities are available for your business, 5-HT gives you an overview of some of the possibilities.

Germany & Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar

Germany is the largest market in Europe and a leading economy. It can provide both a large domestic market and easy access to other markets within the European Union. In addition, Germany's highly developed infrastructure easily connects people and goods both within Germany and across the European continent. Germany has a very good climate for innovators.

The Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar is located in southwestern Germany. It includes the cities of Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, among others, and covers an area of 5,600 square kilometers. The region is home to around 160,000 companies, the most important industries being: Chemicals, Software and Health & Life Sciences.

Regional ecosystem for startups

The startup ecosystem in the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar is active and specialized in the fields of health, chemistry and sustainability. In addition to the 5-HT Digital Hub, numerous other networks, startup centers and accelerators actively support and advise startups and young companies in the region.

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