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The legally required wound documentation is the basis of professional wound management. Chronic wounds must be documented regularly in order to monitor the healing process and intervene if necessary. Currently, however, the process is still complex and time-consuming, as it is mostly done with paper, pen and camera. The Leipzig-based start-up sciendis is countering this and digitising wound documentation with its WUNDERA® solution. "Not all solutions necessarily have to be complicated or complex to solve a complex problem," says founder Michael Aleithe. In an interview with 5-HT, the entrepreneur talks about the functions and advantages of digital wound documentation, his wish for more government funding for outpatient providers and his vision for the future of the healthcare industry. 

WUNDERA® documents healing progress and problems of chronic wounds

WUNDERA® is an intuitive wound management system that relieves nursing staff of time-consuming daily documentation. In addition, it is optimally geared to the processes in the outpatient care sector. It supports collaborative teamwork as well as networking with involved actors with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and voice control. "We are an agile and flexible team with expert knowledge for the optimisation of documentation processes in the care and health sector. We relieve the documentation burden of large groups and companies within their large and somewhat inflexible structures and achieve optimal time relief," says Michael Aleithe. Both founders already have a doctorate in the health sector and have made it their mission to improve outpatient care in the long term. 

Digitising the documentation of chronic wounds 

"We always go out that WUNDERA® is an app, but it is actually a complete wound management system by now. Our focus is on the documentation of chronic wounds in nursing with the aim of making wound documentation as simple as possible. The nurse can document the wound during treatment by taking a photo of the wound with a mobile phone. At the same time, an automatic wound measurement takes place. In addition, information about the wound documentation could be added via voice control. This would include, among other things, the intensity of pain or the wound odour. This can be documented manually in the app or one can use the amplification by an artificial intelligence.  In this case, data is already pre-extracted from the wound image, which then only needs to be confirmed. 

A digitised nursing service saves a lot of time and money 

The main advantage of the care landscape through the use of WUNDERA® is the time saved in carrying out regular documentation as well as the associated cost reduction for the operators. "So far, we have been able to demonstrate an average of 70 per cent time savings purely in documentation," estimates Aleithe. Even inexperienced staff can quickly handle WUNDERA® because an internal assistance function guides the documentation process. Thus, care is not only improved by being digitalised, there is also more time for personal contact between patients and nursing staff. 

Michael Aleithe and Philipp Skowron (from left to right)

Offline function digitises care even in rural areas 

Another special feature of WUNDERA® is the offline function of the app. "This means it can also be used for care services in rural areas, where there is often no stable internet connection. Above all, we want to reduce the digital divide between town and country," Aleithe emphasises. The offline function enables reliable documentation even when there is a lack of network coverage in rural regions.  

Enabler for digitalisation within nursing care

"Basically, we are dedicated to products for relieving the burden of care with the aim of making care easier and more humane. We want to become the market leader for simple digital products," says Aleithe. "Currently, our customers are mainly wound managers as well as outpatient and inpatient care facilities. In the future, we want to grow beyond wound documentation and also serve other industries within the health sector. For example, chemical and pharmaceutical companies that are striving to minimise the documentation effort for studies concerning the skin (or image recognition required).

Less bureaucracy and more state support for smaller outpatient providers

"The digitalisation of the health sector is being driven forward by various legal measures. There are many funding packages, for example Krankheitszukunftsgesetz. Outpatient and inpatient care facilities can receive a subsidy for digital applications. But that is far too little, because many funding programmes are made for big players. I would like to see smaller players and especially start-ups being able to participate. To achieve this, care must be made less bureaucratic. My demand to politicians is therefore: less bureaucracy and more state funding for smaller outpatient providers!"

5-HT Digital Hub - a partner for the digitalisation of the healthcare sector 

"Everyone should find their focus and network with each other," says Aleithe. "That is one of the reasons why we are part of the 5-HT ecosystem. On the one hand, we want to network with relevant partners and bring our solution closer to them. On the other hand, we are aware of the supporting role the Digital Hub plays by advising start-ups, offering them a platform and introducing them to industry partners in order to promote digital solutions. It is especially important to us to push the exchange with like-minded people, because there are still so many construction sites in the health industry and only if we all work together on solutions can we digitalise the health industry and help countless people."


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