5-HT Innovators Club - guest at AWS in Munich

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The third edition of the 5-HT Innovators Club took place from September 13 to September 15 at AWS in Munich. This exclusive community event of our corporate partners combined keynote and workshop elements and offered plenty of space for the exchange of best practices. Startups also presented innovative solutions and use cases.

Innovators Club Sept 2023 AWS_alle

It was phenomenal - many thanks to all the participants and their openness and willingness to share and collaborate. Your contribution made the event great and fruitful!

After the welcome by Lisa Tschalenko, who also moderated the Innovators Club, 5-HT CEO Stefan Kohl outlined the past successes with more than 350 startups in the ecosystem and many matches to date as well as a growing number of corporate partners. All are focused on the innovation and success of digital chemistry, digital health and sustainability.

The challenges for this year's Innovators Club were then presented. A successful evening event crowned the end of the first day.

Innovators Club Sept 2023 AWS_Challenge

The second day of the Innovators Club was also a complete success! After the welcome by Lisa Tschalenko, the participants went straight into the challenges, which were characterized by fruitful discussions full of ideas, inspiration and cross-industry impulses. After networking and lunch, the action continued.

A standout moment was the captivating keynote by Dr. Suad Sejdovic from BASF, who shared his experiences and shed light on the immense potential of generative AI and its transformative impact on various applications and industries. The lively discussion afterwards showed the enormous interest.

Innovators Club Sept 2023 AWS_Suad

ARXUM then took the stage to present their remarkable success story in collaboration with BASF, centered around the blockchain technology triggered by ARXUM's participation in a previous 5-HT X-linker.

Innovators Club Sept 2023 AWS_Arxum

As part of the "Future Innovation Insights" session, several start-ups from the 5-HT ecosystem presented their solutions, which also inspired the participants.

Thanks to:


- Insaas

- MindAffect

- SmartLab Solutions GmbH


Innovators Club Sept 2023 AWS_WorkshopInnovators Club Sept 2023 AWS_NetworkingInnovators Club Sept 2023 AWS_Referenten

Many thanks to Frank Foerster from AWS for his inspiring keynote and to the entire AWS team for their hospitality, which made this event a resounding success!

Here are some comments from participants:

Heinrich Nikonow AWS: Thank you for the great event and for having us as guests in Munich! Great network and great people. I'm already looking forward to next year's event in my home town of Heidelberg!

Jennifer Goodall MindAffect: It was a very informative event! Many thanks to 5-HT, AWS and everyone who contributed. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Thomas Bach Pfalzkom: 3 great days in Munich at the Innovators Club of the 5-HT Digital Hub - Chemistry & Health. Big praise goes to Lisa Tschalenko for the great moderation. Thanks to all the speakers and discussion partners. Learned a lot again! Looking forward to next time.

Adrian Dietrich, ZReality: Thank you for the great input and the opportunity to be part of the great 5-HT Digital Hub - Chemistry & Health network.

GWQ: It was fantastic to meet so many talented and dedicated people who are committed to innovative solutions. We broadened our horizons and discovered a wealth of digital and innovative approaches in different areas. It was a pleasure to be part of this great group of people and to make so many inspiring contacts. We look forward to future collaborations and sharing ideas to work together towards a more sustainable future.

It's really fantastic to see such a vibrant and open-minded community of innovators coming together to share ideas, insights and inspiration. These connections are the fuel that drives us forward in the world of innovation.

We say THANK YOU and see you at the next 5-HT InnovatorsClub 2024!

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