ChemIntelligence and Heraeus: a success story of collaboration, sparked by 5-HT Digital Hub

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The French startup ChemIntelligence develops AI-based software that accelerates chemistry and materials R&D. Their team's software development efforts paid off after participating in the Heraeus accelerator program. The catalysts innovation team showed interest in continuing to use the software after ChemIntelligence and the Innovation team crafted jointly an accessible tandem presentation which was presented on the accelerator demo day. Although there is potential for the software to be used in other business units, they are excited about the promising start with the catalysts innovation team and optimistic about future collaboration opportunities with Heraeus.

The successful networking between ChemIntelligence and Heraeus was sparked by 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health.

Accelerating chemical R&D with AI: introducing ChemIntelligence's innovative solution

The development of new molecules, materials, formulations, or chemical reactions requires many trials and guesses. What if you could reduce the number of experiments by 50 percent? ChemIntelligence makes it possible! The startup's platform helps companies speed up their research and development processes by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chemistry. It is a very interesting technology that allows chemists to use their time for other valuable tasks. Let's take a closer look at the startup's solution!

Faster product or chemical reaction development with artificial intelligence

The French startup is developing AI-based software that accelerates research and development in the fields of chemistry and materials. The platform learns from your R&D data and enables:

• suggesting the most relevant experiments to obtain molecules, materials, or formulations that meet your specifications.

• predicting of the properties of molecules, materials, and formulations,

The ChemIntelligence AI algorithms are capable of learning relationships of any complexity from your experiments, even if the underlying physics is not well understood, and complex R&D topics will benefit from it.

The platform leverages both your R&D data and your expertise, allowing you to make more informed decisions for your R&D projects.

The result is a reduction in the number of experiments required for product or chemical reaction development between 25% to 80%.

Positive Experience with 5-HT's X-Linker Program: A Startup's Perspective

In 2020 ChemIntelligence became part of the 5-HT Digital Hub international startup network and participated in the 5-HT X-Linker in that same year.

„My experience working with 5- HT has been extremely positive, especially regarding our participation in the X-Linker. As a startup, this program provided us with valuable exposure and opportunities to connect with mentors and corporate contacts. Even though we didn't do direct business with the corporates we met during the program, it was still valuable to be visible in front of them, as it could lead to potential opportunities in the future. Additionally, after the program, we were put in touch with different corporates by people from 5-HT, which was an unexpected bonus. The networking opportunities provided by 5-HT were also excellent, as we were able to attend conferences and expand our network. Overall, being part of 5- HT's accelerator program has been a great experience and has given us the tools and connections we need to succeed in our industry,” so Thomas Galeandro-Diamant, Founder of ChemIntelligence.

Heraeus Accelerator and PwC mentoring propel startup to new height

In 2022, ChemIntelligence participated in the Heraeus Accelerator Digital Demo Day. After a rigorous selection process, ChemIntelligence was chosen as one of the four startups alongside flowbone, Dimoveo Medical, and Biovox to present their ideas on the pitch day. The Heraeus Accelerator Program offers startups and Heraeus the opportunity to explore potential strategic partnerships in a structured framework. The most promising ideas for collaboration are tested in joint projects, providing a valuable opportunity for startups to grow and for Heraeus to innovate. Participation in the program was a great success for ChemIntelligence, as it allowed them to expand their network and explore new possibilities for collaboration with Heraeus.

The three-month acceleration phase was a challenging yet fruitful experience for the team. The collaboration with Heraeus was particularly beneficial, as they were very involved and dedicated to the project. The ChemIntelligence team had to move fast to adapt their software to the specific needs of the project, and these challenges brought ideas of improvement to their software product. Although they presented partial results at the final demo day in mid-November, the overall experience was very positive. The team hopes to continue their collaboration with Heraeus in 2023.

As part of the accelerator program, ChemIntelligence had the opportunity to receive mentoring from PwC consultants. The mentoring sessions were divided into two groups - one group focused on product design that taught the team about design thinking approach, while the other group was more focused on branding and communication. The discussions with the branding and communication consultants helped ChemIntelligence refine their branding strategy for the coming months and year. The team was very pleased with the quality of advice they received, and the insights gained from these sessions have helped them better position themselves in the market. “Overall, the mentoring sessions were an invaluable part of the accelerator program and helped ChemIntelligence take their business to the next level,” emphasizes Thomas.

Crafting a winning presentation: how pitch training led to success at the Heraeus Demo Day

During the selection process and demo day, I found that pitch training was crucial to our success. For the selection process, I rehearsed my pitch several times to ensure that I could present it with confidence and clarity. Then, for the demo day, Hereaus and I, in a joint effort where both parties contributed, spent a significant amount of time crafting a presentation that would be accessible to all audiences, regardless of their technical background. We even rehearsed our presentation in front of an innovation team member who was a chemist, but not directly involved in our project. This allowed us to receive valuable feedback and ensure that our message was clear and effective. Thanks to our preparation and hard work, we were able to deliver a successful presentation at the demo day and secure the support we needed to continue growing our business.

Heraeus Accelerator spurs success: catalysts Innovation team shows interest in the ChemIntelligence Software

“We spent time crafting a presentation that would be accessible to all audiences and rehearsed it in front of members of the innovation team. As a result of our hard work, the business unit has expressed interest in continuing to use our software. While there is still potential for the software to be used in other business units or materials, the catalysts business unit is a promising start. The future of our collaboration with Heraeus is bright, and we are excited to see what other opportunities may arise within the company,” recalls Thomas.

From vision to reality: the impact of Heraeus' Accelerator on ChemIntelliegence´s future

“As a participant of the Heraeus accelerator program, my experience has been absolutely positive. The program offers both a practical and a wider approach to applying our technology in real R&D projects and growing as a business. The consultants involved in the program have helped us to develop not just in technical areas but also as a company. Heraeus has shown a vested interest in our success and growth, as it ultimately benefits them to collaborate with solid companies. I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people, and the overall atmosphere has been positive and supportive. Additionally, I had the chance to visit Heraeus' labs and see their work firsthand, which was a valuable experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program, and I am excited to see what the future holds for our collaboration with Heraeus,” expresses Thomas.

DeepMatter's aquisition of ChemIntelligence: expanding AI capabilities and creating a stronger brand

ChemIntelligence was acquired by DeepMatter Group Plc in July 2022. The acquisition allowed DeepMatter to complement its current offering, strengthen its AI capabilities, and expand its customer base to formulation labs. ChemIntelligence and DeepMatter are progressively integrating to better support their customers in sales, marketing, operations, customer support, and R&D.

“As the new addition of ChemIntelligence to DeepMatter, our plans for the future involve integrating the separate product lines into one platform. This project will be the focus of 2023 as we aim to create a single, strong brand. PwC consultants have also been involved in our discussions regarding branding. We see many synergies between these products, and we believe that combining them will be a huge undertaking, but ultimately a worthwhile one. Our team is excited for the challenge, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for our collaboration with DeepMatter,” emphasizes Thomas.

In summary, ChemIntelligence is a successful startup story that demonstrates how the support of Heraeus and other institutions, as well as the acquisition by a large company, can contribute to growth and market penetration. We congratulate Thomas Galeandro-Diamant and the ChemIntelligence team on their achievements and look forward to their future successes.

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