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Kemialytics and Pfizer develop the SOP generator as a solution to the problem of SOPs

Berlin-based 5-HT ecosystem startup Kemialytics creates knowledge-based digital environments for pharma, chemistry and biotech. Kemialytics was founded with the goal of improving the efficiency and accuracy of chemical analyses.

In collaboration, Kemialytics and Pfizer are developing the SOP Generator as a solution to the problem of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in order to optimise the time-consuming creation and maintenance of SOPs.

The first meeting already took place at the 5-HT X-linker 2020.

Adam Kubina at the 2020 5-HT X-Linker

5-HT X-Linker builds a bridge between corporates and startups

Kemialytics and Pfizer got to know each other at the 5-HT X-Linker 2020 in Mannheim. During this event, Peter Neske from Pfizer held individual talks with all the startups, including Adam Kubina and Dr Aliz Kiss from Kemialytics.

After a successful event, further talks followed. In a further step, the Freiburg Smart Green Startup Accelerator identified possible solutions in its annual GROW programme. This was followed by a matchmaking process with several startups to assess the potential for collaboration. This led to an initial meeting between Kemialytics, the Healthcare Hub Freiburg and Pfizer's specialist department. "At that time, the SOP generation module was still in development in large parts," Kubina describes the development status of the software at the first meeting.

However, those responsible for the project at Pfizer saw it as a welcome solution and Adam Kubina's team presented the current status to them. Markus Schimmelpfennig, Teamlead Documentation, was convinced and supported the development of the SOP generator. The system was tested with real Pfizer SOPs and it was then a matter of working out the feasibility and details of the solution.

Adam Kubina presents Kemialytics at the 5-HT X-Linker 2020 in Mannheim, Germany

Elaborate and inconsistent: problem area SOPs

Adam Kubina would like to fully automate the generation of standard operating procedures (SOPs). Although this is currently still a pipe dream, he is already addressing an urgent problem with partial success. In industries where work is highly regulatory, such as in the CRO and life sciences sectors, the creation and maintenance of SOPs takes an enormous amount of time.

The Pfizer plant in Freiburg also has to deal with these challenges. There are 870 SOPs here, of which 150 new versions are added every quarter. Formatting an SOP already takes several hours, which leads to a continuously high effort for editing, approving and training the new versions. In addition, the organic growth of SOPs can lead to information being unstructured, extensive, redundant or contradictory. Therefore, Pfizer's internal quality initiative, highQ, commissioned the Freiburg Healthcare Hub to find a solution in the start-up scene to optimise these processes.

Kemialytics' SOP generator addresses three points to optimise the creation and maintenance of SOPs: A web-based, variable platform for collaborative workflows, self-learning templates and a linking of information. With the SOP generator, the creation and maintenance of SOPs is to be standardised, simplified and made more efficient.

From problem to solution: the development of the SOP generator

Kemialytics did not originate in the development of the SOP generator. Originally, the start-up led by Kubina and his co-founder Dr Aliz Kiss developed a mining system for analytical chemistry methodologies in 2013. Since the system did not bring the expected success, Kemialytics surveyed its customers. "We asked our customers: what problems do you have in your daily work? How can we optimise typical processes?" says Kubina. This quickly brought up the topic of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), which are used daily in many labs but are complicated and cumbersome. Kemialytics quickly recognised the potential for optimisation in this area and then developed the first prototype of the SOP generator.

Product development with the target group in the real lab

Startups often have difficulties working with large companies due to differences in culture, existing structures and rules. Pfizer Healthcare Hub offers a solution and connects startups with "internal champions" within Pfizer, creating a win-win situation for both parties. Pfizer benefits from solutions that simplify the handling of their standard operating procedures, while the Kemialytics team can test the application of their software in a real lab. "It's incredibly important to talk about the product as early as possible and keep getting feedback. Quite a few startups have developed highly complex tools that no one needs like this. It is incredibly valuable for us to be able to develop our product in direct cooperation with our target group," says Kubina.

This direct cooperation enables the team to align its product with the needs of its target group and to receive first-hand feedback.

 5-HT X-Linker 2020 in MannheimCaption

Towards a successful future

The successful collaboration has shown how important it is to combine expertise and advanced technology to find solutions to complex problems and is an example of successful networking through the 5-HT X-Linker, which addresses a problem area and provides effective solutions.

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