Online Seminar "Legal Aspects of the Use of AI in the Health Industry"

Online Seminar "Legal Aspects of the Use of AI in the Health Industry"

11. July 2023 10:00 - 11. July 2023 12:00 | Online

Legal Aspects of the Use of AI in the Health Industry - an online seminar for startups

What can AI be used for in medicine? What legal aspects need to be considered in terms of data protection, contracts and liability? 

This is what the online seminar for startups "Legal aspects of the use of AI in the healthcare industry" is about together with lawyer Nico Arfmann.

He sheds light on the AI application areas of research, diagnostics and therapy. Examples: Analysis of X-ray images or other markers, tumor research, surgical robots, administration digitalization and many more.

Fields of application:

  • Research

  • Diagnostics

  • Therapy

Concrete examples: 

  • Analysis of X-ray images

  • Tumour research - neural networks recognise complex tumour structures

  • Algorithms can recognise signs of depression on the basis of peculiarities and patterns in a person's pronunciation or different lung diseases on the basis of sound recordings of coughing noises.

  • Surgical robot

  • Administrative structure can be improved (create work plans)

  • Medical records can be created digitally and analysed by software for indications of possible diseases

Legal issues:

Is the software a medical device?

  • Medical devices may only be placed on the market if they bear a CE mark after a conformity assessment procedure has been carried out.

  • Without a CE mark, there is a risk that a competitor will demand that the product not be marketed.

Data protection

  • AI solutions are based on analysis and matching of concrete patient data

  • Consent management?

Establishment of contracts?

  • With whom is a treatment contract concluded when a robot is used during an operation?


  • Who is liable if the AI makes a mistake that causes harm to the patient? Programmer, user, software?



  • 11 July 2023, 10-12 h CET


  • Digital


  • The event will be held in German.


  • Please use the yellow button below to register for the online seminar.

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