Pioneers in infection prevention: Puray revolutionises the healthcare sector with UV-disinfected catheters

Laura Diez

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Puray introduces a breakthrough medical catheter that is continuously disinfected with UV radiation to fight nosocomial infections in healthcare settings. This innovative technology utilises UV light with a wavelength of 405 nm to effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses while leaving human cells undamaged. This innovative solution reduces the risk of device-borne infections while minimising the use of antibiotics.

How would you explain your solution in three sentences to a professional colleague from the health sector?

"Our product is a medical tubing that is continuously disinfected with UV radiation during patient use to prevent nosocomial infections. The UV technology with a wavelength of 405 nm effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses without harming human cells. This reduces the risk of device-associated infections and contributes to the reduction of antibiotic use."

What problem motivated you to start the company?

"Hospital-acquired infections, also known as nosocomial infections, pose a serious problem in healthcare. According to estimates from the Robert Koch Institute, between 10,000 and 20,000 patients in Germany die annually from infections with hospital germs. A significant portion of these infections, approximately 40-60%, is associated with medical tubing, which serves as an interface to the outside environment and can enable pathogens to enter the body, leading to severe complications."

How do you convince a pharmaceutical company, a health insurance company or another potential client to set up a pilot project with you?

"We employ an advanced method of infection prevention by developing a medical catheter that undergoes continuous UV disinfection. This approach enables an effective reduction of hospital-acquired infections, especially with multi-resistant strains. In contrast to conventional antibiotic treatment, Puray offers an alternative that minimizes the risk of resistance development and is more patient-friendly.
We differentiate ourselves by delivering clear value to hospitals. Our solution reduces complications, resulting in a substantial decrease in treatment costs. By preventing infections, hospitals can not only save financial resources but also enhance the quality of patient care.
Our solution is not just a response to the pressing challenge of hospital-acquired infections; it is also a commitment to our partners for sustainable, cost-effective, and patient-friendly healthcare. We are prepared to collaboratively initiate a pilot project with potential partners, driving a positive transformation in the healthcare sector."

Who are your current customer (groups) and who do you want your potential customers to be?

"Puray's potential customers are primarily inpatient care facilities such as hospitals, specialized clinics, and rehabilitation centers. These institutions exhibit a high demand for catheters, making them ideal purchasers. Furthermore, Puray's products are specifically designed for high-risk patients with an increased susceptibility to infections, particularly in the fields of intensive care, geriatrics, urology, and oncology.
Puray aims to penetrate the global market for urinary catheters, with a particular focus on the market for high-risk patients in Europe and the USA. The primary target within these regions is intensive care units."

Where do you see yourself in 3 years and how can 5-HT support you?

"In three years, we aim to have successfully introduced our first medical catheter for urology to the market, ensuring unprecedented infection prevention. Additionally, we will have more tubing in development to expand coverage into additional areas. To achieve this, we need strategic partners for market launch, investments to scale production, and expertise in international regulatory processes."

You participated in the WE CARE event in November 2023. What is your impression of the event and what have you gained (so far) from participating?

"Participating in the WE CARE Event in November 2023 was highly enriching for us. Engaging with industry experts deepened our understanding of future healthcare developments, and networking opened up new connections. We are particularly delighted to be part of the 5-HT network, providing us access to a dynamic ecosystem of innovative players. Inspiring discussions and the opportunity to showcase our solutions strengthened our commitment to pioneering approaches in healthcare. We look forward to participating in future events and remaining actively engaged with the 5-HT network."

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