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A warm welcome to our new partner hub Scaler8 from Singapore. We are happy to have you on board! You can find a short profile in our network section on this website.

This is what Scaler8 says about them and their partnership with us:

“Partnering with organisations like 5-HT is an important aspect of our work at Scaler8, to support promising startups from Asia to venture into the German market. 5-HT’s extensive networks and sector expertise will enable us to bring added value to our network of chemistry and health startups, in connecting with the right stakeholders and generating new business opportunities.”

Teodora Georgieva, Programme Director Scaler8
Scaler8 Team Scaler8 Team

Kristin and Teodora talk about Scaler8 in our "Hub2Hub Interview" – see more on our YouTube channel: the "5-HT Hey-Partner Talk" with Scaler8

How would you describe the Scaler8 ecosystem?

Headquartered in Singapore, Scaler8 works with Singapore scale-ups and SMEs to explore opportunities in the German market, validate their market potential, and develop possible go-to-market approaches tailored to each company. Since our launch in early 2020, we have supported almost 20 Singapore startups from multiple sectors to speed up their German market entry. 

Our global team and experienced mentors bring in-depth knowledge of building and scaling businesses in Asia and Germany. Our network of over 100 industry connections is further enhanced through support from German Entrepreneurship GmbH, one of the leading innovation services providers in the German startup ecosystem.

What programs does Scaler8 offer for startups?

We currently run market exploration and market entry programmes for Singapore startups and SMEs. We’re proud to be the partner for Germany in Singapore’s Global Innovation Alliance, a joint initiative between Enterprise Singapore (statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore) and the Singapore Economic Development Board. We will soon be expanding our reach to work with startups from other Asian countries as well.

Could you share a success story of Scaler8?

Despite challenges through COVID-19, Singapore startups are eager to explore their opportunities in Germany, bringing solutions in the most pressing areas such as healthcare and smart city to the market. We have continued to build valuable virtual connections between our startups and German corporations, industry experts and investors who provide quick feedback on market potential, product localisation needs as well as introductions to potential customers and partners. Most startups are now at least in early pilot discussions or were even able to secure first paying customers and research partnerships.

What benefits do you expect from a partnership between Scaler8 with 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health?

We look forward to collaborating with 5-HT to unlock more opportunities in Germany for Asian startups in the fields of digital chemistry and health, two sectors where we certainly see a growing need for innovative startup solutions from around the world. 5-HT can also leverage Scaler8's extensive networks in Asia to connect with the most promising startups and other stakeholders in these sectors.

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