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Lars Baumann

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The 5-HT Blog is also available as RSS-Feed. In this article we explain what exactly an RSS-Feed is, what advantages it has and how to use it.

Although the abbreviation stands for "RDF Site Summary", RSS is often used as short form for "Really Simple Syndication". In fact, RSS is a file format that allows you to subscribe to blog posts from our website.

But how do I receive this feed and what benefits does it offer to me?

Our RSS-Feed keeps you always up to date and gives you an overview of all important events around 5-HT. You won't miss a single post anymore and you will see it immediately after its publishing.

There are several ways to receive this feed. Either you use an RSS reader app (e.g. Feedly) comfortably on your smartphone when you are on the road, or you use an RSS reader on your laptop or desktop PC. If you work a lot with MS-Outlook, you can receive the articles directly into a designated folder. This choice is now entirely up to you.

Subscribe now and read our articles immediately after publication - wherever you are. Don't miss anything anymore and stay up to date.

How exactly does this work? Quite simple! Just follow the next steps. There we show you how to receive our blog on your smartphone or computer with the example of the RSS reader Feedly. Additionally we explain how to subscribe to our blog via MS-Outlook.

Subscribe to the 5-HT Blog in MS-Outlook or e.g. Feedly

Manual RSS-Feed in MS-Outlook

  1. Click on “Home" tab in MS-Outlook

  2. Look for the folder „RSS-Abonnements“ and do a right click

  3. Add new RSS-Feed

  4. Insert URL “/en/feed/” and press add!

Manual RSS-Feed in Feedly

  1. Open your web browser and go to or download the app

  2. Create an account or login with your Google/Facebook account

  3. Type this into the search field: „www./en/feed“

  4. Click on „Follow“

  5. Afterwards you need to name the new followed feed. For example you write “5HT-Blog”

So… subscribe to 5-HT Digital Hub Blog right now!

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