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Heidelberg is one of the most important locations for start-ups in Germany. 
outstanding in the fields of life science, biotech, IT and AI. LAB22 is the new building of the Heidelberg Technology Park. It offers young and established companies modern and flexible laboratory and office space.

The Heidelberg Technology Park has the right rental offer for companies of all sizes. The new LAB22 location provides medium-sized companies with laboratory and office space in a central and innovative environment. BioLabs Heidelberg is the first tenant to move into its new location in LAB22. The operator of WetLabs and CoWorking Spaces offers BioTech founders individual workplaces.

The Heidelberg Technology Park

The Heidelberg Technology Park supports every tenant, interested start-ups and people looking to found a company in finding the right contact person. Tenants benefit from the Technology Park's (supra-)regional network, which has been established since 1984. The Technology Park works closely with various players and offers international contacts, for example through Heidelberg Startup Partners or the BioRN Cluster. 
the BioRN Cluster.

The Heidelberg Innovation Park (hip): This is where your ideas grow

With the Heidelberg Innovation Park (hip), a hotspot for innovations from the fields of life science, biotech, IT and AI is developing. And all this within walking distance of Heidelberg's main train station as well as with good 
highway connections. The relaxed campus atmosphere with a flexible range of spaces, short distances, a good local supply and many meeting points allows joint projects of industry, research and business to emerge for the solutions of today and tomorrow. LAB22 is located here:
Nikola-Tesla-Strasse 1 
69124 Heidelberg-Kirchheim

For whom?

Are you a medium-sized company from the fields of Liefe Science, BioTech, IT or AI? Are you looking for independent laboratory and office space from 160 m² in a central and innovative environment with connections to a great infrastructure? Then LAB22 is the right place for you.
The building offers you independent rental units of flexible size with their own WCs and kitchen areas. All supply lines are already installed in the ceiling and allow for a quick 
quick adaptation of your premises according to your needs.
As a tenant:in in LAB22, you can expect not only a dedicated community, but you will also benefit from the and the network of the Heidelberg Technology Park

Location of LAB22 within the Heidelberg Innovation Park (hip)

TOP features of the LAB22

  • modern laboratory and office space (up to BSL-2) with 
    first occupancy from Q1 2024

  • rental units from 160 sqm on 4 floors for individual expansion

  • passive house with central supply and exhaust air as well as 
    permanent monitoring of air quality

  • Heating and cooling ceiling in the corridor and office areas

  • Ventilation of the laboratories with eightfold air exchange

  • Elevators for people and (hazardous) goods

  • Underground parking for cars and bicycles

  • Emergency power system

  • redundant connection to the fiber optic network

1st floor as example floor plan

Moritz Schindler
Phone +49 6221 50257-22

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