Focus on collaborations: review of the Insuring Digital Health anniversary event

Laura Diez


"Insuring Digital Health" took place for the 5th time on 26 October 2023, this time under the sole organization of 5-HT in Mannheim, at CUBEX ONE. The event, which was described by participants as the highlight of the year, once again brought digital health start-ups together with leading health insurance companies to promote innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.

A group photo of the organizers, start-ups and health insurance companies participating in this year's "Insuring Digital Health"

Matchmaking and speed dating between healthcare start-ups and representatives of health insurance companies and insurers were used to discuss new, needs-based and digital solutions for patients - a necessity in light of the advancing digitalization of the German healthcare system.

Joseph Meiser from Pronova BKK described the event as the "highlight of the year". The overarching goal is to establish fruitful cooperation between start-ups and health insurance companies. This is also reflected in the participation of well-known health insurance companies, including AOK Baden-Württemberg, Die Techniker, BIG direkt gesund, IKK Südwest, BARMER and, for the first time, hkk Krankenkasse and Mobil Krankenkasse. The presence of these institutions underlines the relevance of the exchange in order to implement digital solutions in the healthcare system.

Anita Guth from GWQ ServicePlus AG also emphasized the importance of collaboration with the 5-HT team for innovative solutions. Together with 5-HT Senior Ecosystem Manager Lisa Tschalenko, she presented the resulting successful cooperation between GWQ ServicePlus AG and the startup Ligari.

Anita Guth (GWQ), Lisa Tschalenko, Stefan Kohl, Amelie Nigbur (5-HT) & Maximilian Biehl (GWQ) (from left to right)

Susa Horvath from ZenZen Diabetes Support described the event as her "favorite event". Together with other carefully selected start-ups such as Cogthera, HealthMe App, inContAlert, LipoCheck, TOM Medications, XUND, Diametos GmbH and VoiceMed, they helped to showcase the diversity and innovative strength of the digital health sector.

Jannik Lock from incontAlert put it in a nutshell: "It was a great event with a really tangible outcome." This underlines the immediate impact and tangible benefits that the event provided for the participants.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Oberlinner (BASF) inspires the audience with his keynote speech

Special thanks go to Prof. Dr. Christoph Oberlinner, Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer of BASF, for his inspiring keynote speech. He gave an insight into the new integrated Medical Center and an outlook for the future, emphasizing the importance of health for the future.

The agenda of the event was varied and offered participants the opportunity to exchange ideas in various formats. The reception and registration were followed by the opening and presentation of the 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health.

The startup pitch session was followed by a networking lunch, followed by two rounds of exclusive speed dating between health insurance companies and startups. Participants had the opportunity to share their innovative ideas and solutions with the health insurance companies represented.

Lisa Tschalenko provided a charming moderation of this year's "Insuring Digital Health"

This year's "Insuring Digital Health" was hosted by Lisa Tschalenko, who received a lot of recognition for both moderating the event and organizing it.

"It was once again a great pleasure to host this event. I look into the enthusiastic faces of the participants and a relaxed and joyful atmosphere between the start-ups and health insurance companies. We have our finger on the pulse here and realize that a lot has already been achieved and that much more can be achieved together. We have once again proven the added value that this on-site event offers," says Lisa Tschalenko.

The event ended with an outlook for the coming year and networking, which gave participants the opportunity to deepen their discussions and explore potential collaborations.

Insuring Digital Health was perceived as extremely successful by established health insurance companies. Christiane Heidrich from BIG direkt gesund emphasized the importance of the direct exchange between startups and health insurance companies and highlighted the impetus and inspiration they took away from the event. "Nothing can replace the direct exchange between startups and health insurance companies, and Insuring Digital Health offers the perfect platform for this," said Heidrich. These words reflect the essential role of the event as a bridge between innovative ideas and established institutions in the healthcare sector.

Interested discussions between startups and health insurance companies.

We would also like to thank CUBEX 41, CUBEX ONE and Katharina Klotzbach for allowing the event to take place in Mannheim. The high number of participants, the positive feedback and the connections made once again confirm the success of the Insuring Digital Health event as an important platform for promoting innovation in the healthcare sector. We are already looking forward to the next edition next year!

 Begeisterte Teilnehmende von Startups und Krankenkassen. Kein Stuhl blieb leer.
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