Daniel Stich visits 5-HT

Corinna Herrmann

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Daniel Stich, Ministerial Director of the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Science and Health, visited us today to find out about our activities in the healthcare sector.

Our health experts Lisa Tschalenko and Peter Kuhn discussed relevant trends and events with our Managing Director Stefan Kohl and outlined ideas for further collaboration.

Mr Stich has known 5-HT for a long time as co-organizer of the eHealth Symposium Southwest, where he has repeatedly addressed the expert audience as patron on the subject of digital healthcare of the present and future.

During the exchange, the high relevance of the healthcare industry in Rhineland-Palatinate was once again emphasized and the valuable contribution 5-HT makes in networking numerous players and thus creating a platform for the implementation of innovative solutions.

Stefan Kohl, Lisa Tschalenko, Daniel Stich, Peter Kuhn

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