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Is the door closed? How much energy was used yesterday? Do the plants need to be watered? Until now, this information had to be obtained manually, but thanks to the IoT platform of the start-up from Würzburg, data is collected by sensor and provided automatically. deals with the development and distribution of software and services for the energy and housing industry. In an interview with 5-HT, Andreas Will,Head of Sales and Marketing, talks about's core competencies.

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Flexibility through manufacturer independence operates independently of manufacturers, which assures the customer of purchasing independence. The customer can use the devices with which he has had the best experience in the past. On-site configuration is uncomplicated thanks to Plug & Play and takes only a few minutes.

The core competence of lies in the collection, provision and presentation of consumption and sensor data. By harmonising all recorded data, is able to provide data from different devices and different manufacturers for the customer in a system-compatible manner. In addition to a high level of investment protection, the customer also has security and retains his liquidity. Through monitoring built with logics, the system gives notice when threshold values or dysfunctions are exceeded and triggers an alarm via SMS or email. Based on the experience of more than 150,000 recorded and managed sensors in the areas of smart metering/smart monitoring, smart building, smart city, industry 4.0 and smart agriculture, offers a wide range of possible applications.

Out of the box – Solutions to get started straight away

The solutions start with the selection and configuration of the appropriate sensor. The sensor data is collected and transmitted on site. On the own IoT platform, the sensor and meter data are decoded, decoded, archived and harmonised. Together with the customers, the type of sensor is determined and the best possible transmission technology is defined. makes the captured sensor data available via defined interfaces - perfectly matched, for further use and processing in the existing customer systems.

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A quick start already offers added value. With configured starter packages, customers can easily implement their own first use cases with ready-to-install devices. The solution grows with you: Step-by-step connection of additional modules, partner systems and customer systems

Technological progress generates more data

Until now, only one value was recorded during a classic meter reading, e.g. the meter reading. Smart devices not only record the meter reading much more frequently, but also expand it to include other meaningful values. For example, a heat meter can record and pass on both the measured heat quantity and the current flow temperature. Intelligent processing makes it possible to optimise processes, make better use of resources and save energy in the long term.

One sensor - countless application possibilities

With the solution, the filling level of oil/gas tanks can be monitored, for example. This helps to avoid empty tanks and thus complaints from tenants and customers. A dashboard provides a display of the current tank content. If the level falls below a defined threshold, an alarm is sent by e-mail or SMS. In this way, the ideal time for purchasing can be determined and costs can be saved. Another possible application is the control of water and water levels. Cities and municipalities must always be informed about the current water level of neighbouring waters in order to protect residents, citizens and properties. A solution from helps to monitor water levels and to identify the affected danger areas in time to initiate protective measures. At the same time, the functionality of existing outflow sluices can also be evaluated. All collected data is displayed on the dashboard and when a previously defined threshold value is exceeded, the responsible contact person automatically receives a warning via SMS or email.

Use-Case „Smart City“ in cooperation with the City of Würzburg and the Zentrum für Digitale Innovationen Mainfranken

Currently, is supporting the city of Würzburg and the Zentrum für Digitale Innovationen (ZDI) Mainfrankenin the implementation of ten use cases in the area of Smart City. In the first step, a LoRa WAN gateway was installed on the roof of a building in Würzburg as the basis for sensor data collection. "In the future, the sensor data collected for the individual use cases will be displayed on the transparency portal of the city of Würzburg with our solution," Andreas Will euphorically tells us about the joint project.

The ten use cases in the area of Smart City range from climate data to a weather station to people counting. In addition to its function as a protective measure in the age of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, the latter can also be used in the admission control of events, urban planning, control of traffic flows or the safety equipment of authorities and businesses. provides a reliable system to ensure that the maximum number of participants allowed at an event is respected. Sensors count incoming and outgoing people and transmit the data securely, precisely and anonymously. If a critical value is exceeded, an acoustic or visual alarm is triggered. In addition, a message can be sent by SMS or e-mail. The number of participants can be logged for verification purposes. Through intelligent logics and the use of sensors, smart people counting thus goes beyond ordinary people counting. "The smart people counting application is available in the variants "indoor and outdoor" and is preconfigured by our team of technicians according to the requirements agreed with the customer. In this way, we ensure that the first data is available after a maximum of 10 minutes through "plug and play"," explains Andreas Will. In the coming weeks and months, further use cases will be initiated in cooperation with the city of Würzburg.

"It is important for us to expand our network and make valuable contacts. We are very happy to receive advice and coaching in the area of marketing and communication, for example in relation to the question of how we can present to customers and make it better known."

Andreas Will, Head of Sales and Marketing at

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