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European Health-Tech Innovation Week| GIANT Health

17-21 May 2021 | 5 day – 5 cities | hybrid | 5-HT is partner

European Health-Tech Innovation Week ™ – sponsored by GIANT Health – takes place from 17-21 May 2021 and is five 1-day hybrid conferences and exhibitions across Europe’s leading healthcare innovation regions; successfully driving improved healthcare outcomes and business collaboration by showcasing & championing Europe’s best health-tech innovations.

Participating cities are Barcelona, Berlin, Liverpool, Paris, and Stockholm. Each 1-day festival is both a physical and virtual format, providing valuable face-to-face and virtual networking and promotional opportunities, learning, and collaboration for the entire European health-tech community including businesses, investors, government agencies, scientists, and academics. The virtual / fully digital elements of the event enable robust collaboration and engagement for businesses around the world.


Please select the city and then check the respective program on the event website: European Health-Tech Innovation Week

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