Online seminar Data protection and anonymization

Online seminar Data protection and anonymization

22. October 2020 14:00 - 22. October 2020 15:30 | Digital

In every company and organization, personal data is collected and stored. Data protection is not only a legal requirement, it is an important obligation to customers. In addition, good data protection can also be a figurehead for one's own company.

However, data protection is often seen as a "chore" and a brake on innovation.

  • First - how can data protection be ensured in my organization?

  • And how can anonymization help to use personal data for innovative applications while maintaining data protection?

  • Examples from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries will also be presented.

  • Afterwards, there will be a Q&A session for questions.

In this online seminar we show that exactly the opposite is the case.

In this event, we try to answer these questions regardless of prior knowledge and to convey the basics.

Data protection is not a problem for computer scientists and lawyers, but relates to the rights of individuals and their data. That is why this seminar is not only aimed at data security professionals, but at anyone who wants to know what happens to their data.

Stephan Kessler, SAP

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Kessler is Lead Developer for the SAP HANA Data Anonymization Feature in the SAP HANA Core development team in Walldorf. Prior to that, he developed on a distributed database at SAP HANA Vora in the Big Data and Spark environment. Before becoming an SAP employee, Stephan did his PhD at the Chair of Information Management Systems (Professor Böhm) in the area of data protection and anonymization techniques. Results and findings from the research then also flowed into the development of the SAP HANA Data Anonymization functionality.

Benito Handrick, SAP

Dipl. Inf. Benito Handrick works as Security and Data Privacy Lead at Digital Supply Chain Networks in Walldorf. Previously, he worked as an ABAP and Java developer at SAP Transportation Management and SAP Global Track and Trace. Benito is a member of the Society for Privacy and Security.

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