Online seminar Cybersecurity for Medical Devices

Online seminar Cybersecurity for Medical Devices

05. May 2021 13:20 - 05. May 2021 16:45 | Digital

Medical devices in the hospital are integrated into the hospital IT and are networked with each other. Even the blood glucose meter automatically transfers data to the patient file. And digitization in healthcare is also increasing outside the hospital: Apps can be prescribed on prescription and implants can be monitored and controlled via cell phones or other control devices, to name just two examples. Software is now included in many medical devices and communication interfaces are improving healthcare.

However, networking also brings risks: cyber attacks on medical devices can lead to data misuse, data manipulation or even device malfunction, among other things.

In our specialist event, we will discuss with authorities, industry and notified bodies how the networking of medical devices can succeed, what requirements there are for cyber security and how manufacturers can remedy and communicate vulnerabilities.

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