Digital Solutions for Quality and Regulatory Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industries

Digital Solutions for Quality and Regulatory Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industries

04. March 2021 16:00 - 04. March 2021 18:00 | Digital

Particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, companies are subject to strict regulations to ensure customer safety and product quality. The delivery of medicine to patients in accordance with all regulatory, quality, and legal requirements is a complicated and time intensive process. This webinar will discuss the challenges of compliance in the pharmaceutical industry and how digital solutions can speed up and alleviate many of these challenges.

The introduction will give you an overview of challenges in the industry and share insights about the opportunities of digital solutions.

Then two solutions for a digital approach will be presented:

  • Takso will pitch their product strix: It is designed to support companies in getting a full compliance oversight in a cost and time saving way. The solution is an organized, simplified, audit trailed and version-controlled compliance assessment tool.

  • BASF Pharma Solutions will give a live-demo of their virtual quality and regulatory assistant RegXcellence®. The virtual assistant aims to simplify the compliance process via instant download of regulatory and quality documents, automated change notifications, and more via an online platform.

Finally, there will be opportunity for Q&A and wrap-up by the moderator.

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