5-HT Online Seminar

Online Seminar “Help, I have a medical device! Approval for Newbies & Start-Ups”

(German speaking event)

March 23, 2021 | 4:50pm – 6:30pm | SOLD OUT

June 173, 2021 | 4:50pm – 6:30pm | NEW

In German | free of charge

The healthcare sector is booming. There are many use cases for new technologies in medical care, such as artificial intelligence, medical software, high-tech implants, 3D printing and much more. As digitization has picked up speed in healthcare as well, the healthcare market has become even more interesting.

But at some point, technology and software will meet regulation and licensing. Many young companies or companies new to the industry realize this late in the game and discover in the middle of development what an enormous amount of work is involved in getting a medical product approved.

That’s why, in our online seminar together with the VDE, we answer the most burning questions on the subject of medical device approval. The event is aimed primarily at start-ups and young companies or companies new to the industry that want to bring their product idea to the healthcare market. So if you’re just thinking “Help, I have a medical device!” and want to know what to do, you should register.

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4:55pm  Welcoming and moderation





  Dr. Cord Schlötelburg, VDE Health, Frankfurt
– What is a medical device and what does it mean for me?
– How do I bring it onto the European market?
– What steps are required and in what order?
– Can I do everything by myself? How much work is involved?
– Do I need a notified body? How do I find one?
– What does it all cost and where can I get support?
– Does approval also mean reimbursement?
6:30pm   End of the event



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