What Corporates Should Consider When Partnering with Startups - 5-HT Team Members Become Book Authors

Laura Diez

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5-HT Co-Autoren beim Buch Corporate-Startup-Partnerschaften

The new book is here! Dr. Frank Funke and Marco Majer are proud co-authors of the book "Corporate-Startup-Partnerships".

In their article "What Corporates Should Consider When Partnering with Startups" they go into the do's and don'ts from the startups' perspective.

"Many corporates want to partner with startups to bring innovative ideas, but collaboration can be problematic due to different corporate cultures and hierarchies. The startup Qualifyze offers a global digital network that facilitates the sharing of quality data in supply chains and reduces costs. As part of the German Digital Hub Initiative, the 5-HT Digital Hub promotes collaboration between startups and companies in the chemical and healthcare sectors and emphasises the need for successful cooperation by sharing experiences and creating an international ecosystem," says Dr Frank Funke.

"In addition to our view of the corporate ecosystem and Qualifyze's first-hand experience, the book includes various perspectives on corporate-startup partnerships, such as political aspects by Brigitte Zypries and an investor perspective by Alex von Frankenberg," says Marco Majer.

➡️ Here you can purchase this book for a fee under ISBN: 978-3-662-64050-0: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-662-64051-7

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