The Berner Group new corporate partner of 5-HT

Corinna Herrmann

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We are happy to welcome the Berner Group Team to our 5-HT family of corporate partners. 

Dr. Johannes Halama, International Product Engineer – Chemicals at the Berner Group

The Berner Group is a family-owned European commercial enterprise. Their vision is: “We keep the world together and moving.” This means that the company is the central B2B trading partner for all materials in the maintenance, repair, and production segments for their customers in the building, mobility, and industry sectors. 
With more than four channels, the Berner Group creates an integrated omni-channel purchasing experience for their customers. In the steel and C materials as well as chemicals segments, the company is also an innovative manufacturer. The Berner Group is represented in over 20 countries for their customers with more than 200,000 items and 8,000 employees.

Dr. Johannes Halama, International Product Engineer – Chemicals: “#B.connected is one of our core values that drives innovations. Therefore, we are looking forward to working inside the 5-HT network about new chemical technologies, partnerships as well as digital and sustainable solutions.”

Dr. Frank Funke, Managing Director 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health: “We are pleased to have gained the Berner Group as another global, digitally connected player for our already strong network. We particularly welcome the collaboration in chemical product innovation for the industry to drive innovation in the chemical industry.”

We are looking forward to working with the BERNER Team around Dr. Johannes Halama. 

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