The 12 elected Startups 5-HT X-linker

Corinna Herrmann


Proud to announce the elected Startups for the #5HT_Xlinker:

Bosetein / Germany
ChemSquare GmbH / Germany
Clustermarket / United Kingdom
dive solutions GmbH / Germany
Gemsotec bvba / Belgium
GenetX / Romania
Intelliseq / Poland
Hafnium Labs / Denmark
Living Brain / Germany
Pocketcoach / Austria
Quantum on Demand / Germany
VitalMonitoring / Germany

Alok Kumar Singh, David Schneider, Florian Hildebrand, Johannes Solzbach, Maik Störmer, Felix Pause, Pierre Sabrowski, Geert Sergoyne, Michal Korostynski, Marcin Piechota, Michał Delijewski, Jon Christensen, Barbara Stegmann, Julian Specht, Manuel Kraus, Marcel Q., Gunter Hermann, Ivanov Mircea, Markus Hahn

elected Startups for x-linker

We are delighted to work with you in week 6-10 May in Mannheim and are looking forward to X-link you with first class #corporates and #Investors. BASF, SAP, Pepperl+Fuchs Group, Roche Deutschland

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