Revolutionizing the Chemical Industry: An Interview with NTRDE

Laura Diez

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In the chemical industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the rapid changes in the markets and the increasing demands for efficiency and sustainability. NTRDE aims to overcome these challenges and help companies in the chemical industry to make data-based decisions and secure their business models in the long term. In the following interview, the NTRDE team explains how the solution works and what benefits it offers.

How would you explain your solution in three sentences to a professional colleague in a chemical company?

NTRDE enables better commercial decisions for the chemical industry. Our decision intelligence software supports the user as a co-pilot in the daily business with data-based insights and recommendations for action. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to put external data with human expertise into the specific business context and thus use the company's own "know-how" with the help of AI-based models for sustainable competitive advantages.

What problem motivated you to found the company?

The common fascination for modern technology in combination with personal professional experience in the chemical trade as well as in B2B SaaS start-ups motivated us to found NTRDE.

Many chemical companies suffer from these problems:

1. scaling the business often fails due to repetitive, manual and error-prone activities.

2. the complexity of the chemical business is overwhelming due to the number and heterogeneity of relevant influencing factors 

3. global markets are too volatile and fast-moving for optimised action

The chemical industry needs a Vertical SaaS solution to close this innovation gap. 

How do you convince a chemical company to set up a pilot project with you?

NTRDE is developing the first Vertical SaaS solution that is precisely geared to the specific requirements of the chemical industry. 

Software is increasingly becoming a value driver in the chemical business as well: growing data volumes, faster information flows and a highly complex market environment make innovative tools indispensable for companies to remain competitive and secure their business model in the long term.

Where traditional ERP & CRM systems, Excel spreadsheets and pdf reports are severely limited, NTRDE comes in:

The fusion of external data with human expertise in the specific business context of the user is the basis for a new kind of Commercial Intelligence, which we develop with our partners. In doing so, we rely on the extensive use of the company's internal knowledge (corporate knowledge).

We are currently looking for co-development partners. 

Companies have the chance to quickly validate a specific use case with the help of NTRDE. Our partners can have a direct influence on the development of new features and the user interface, without having to invest in their own IT capacities and expensive budgets. They also benefit from rapid development and implementation and the corresponding first mover advantage.

By working together, NTRDE ensures that our solution perfectly meets the needs of the industry. We also develop a deep understanding of required data, established workflows and the commercial decision making process.

Who are your current customers (groups) and who should be the potential customers?

Our target customers are manufacturers, distributors and trading houses in the chemical industry,

- who are active in a highly complex and volatile market environment

- whose business success in individual markets, product groups, customer segments etc. is highly dependent on the expertise of individual specialised employees

- who are faced with the challenge of leveraging their company's own knowledge and making it more usable.

Currently, we focus on companies based in Europe, but global expansion will be an important part of our roadmap at a later stage.

Where do you see yourselves in 3 years and how can 5-HT support you?

NTRDE will modernise the way chemical products are bought, sold and traded and provide our partners with the operating system for their future business. We will support unique human capabilities with our technology and establish ourselves as the go-to vertical SaaS solution in the industry. 5-HT can support us as an expert sparring partner, with visibility in the ecosystem and intros to decision makers in leading companies.

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