PHOENIX Group and Digital Hub Mannheim / Ludwigshafen - Chemistry & Health are now partnering!

Corinna Herrmann


Fostering digital Innovation in Health - that is the vision of the Digital Hub Mannheim/Ludwigshafen - Chemistry & Health which is supported by Mannheim headquartered PHOENIX Group.

Therefore, we are very pleased to announce our partnership today.

We intend to combine our efforts to boost entrepreneurial, innovative thinking and acting in the chemical and health sectors.

The PHOENIX group is a leading healthcare provider in Europe. Today, with 27 countries, the company offers a unique coverage throughout Europe and, with over 37,000 employees, makes an important contribution to comprehensive health care.

The PHOENIX group has recently founded PXG Health Tech GmbH to drive forward its digital transformation. PXG Health tech made it its mission to develop personalised digital products and services to fulfill the healthcare needs of each individual.

Our mission is it to support and connect startups, corporates and venture capitalists. By offering a platform for networking and exchange of ideas, we intend to create „one ecosystem for digital innovations“ in which the different players can profit from each other. With this partnership, PHOENIX group supports our vision.

The representatives Dr. Tobias Bucher, Managing Director at PXG Health Tech GmbH/PHOENIX Group, and Dr. Frank Funke, Digital Hub Mannheim/Ludwigshafen – Chemistry & Health, have officially sealed the partnership today.

Dr. Tobias Bucher,
Ingo Schnaitmann and
Florian Eder from the PHOENIX group with Dr. Frank Funke, from the Digital Hubv. l. n. r.
Dr. Tobias Bucher, Managing Director der PXG Health Tech GmbH
Dr. Frank Funke, Managing Director Digital Hub Mannheim/Ludwigshafen
Ingo Schnaitmann, Head of Corporate Communications der PHOENIX group
Florian Eder, Business Innovation Manager der PXG Health Tech GmbH

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