It's a match - GWQ and Ligari make "digital medicine cabinet" fit for the cash register - 5-HT makes it possible

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Have I already taken my medication today? Which medicines do I still have in stock at home? How do they actually work exactly? These questions often arise in patients' everyday lives and make it difficult to adhere to and track therapies. The current cooperation between GWQ ServicePlus AG (GWQ) and the start-up Ligari solves this problem. For this purpose, Ligari's "Digital Home Pharmacy" for individual medication management has been further developed and made fit for the insurance companies. GWQ recognised the app as a promising tool for more drug therapy safety and adherence and contributed to optimising the application from the SHI perspective with its supply and drug expertise. The two players were brought together by the 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health.

The search for the right match - successful partnership since 2021

We can already look back on a successful two-year partnership between GWQ and the 5-HT Digital Hub. As a service company founded by company health insurance funds, GWQ ServicePlus AG represents over 70 shareholder and customer health insurance funds with more than 12 million insured persons. In total, over 20 million insured persons are provided with GWQ products throughout Germany.

Since 2021, the GWQ team has been receiving regular scouting reports as part of 5-HT Scouting as a Service using the targeted individual pull approach. This involves scouting only topics that are relevant as well as presenting suitable solutions from the 5-HT ecosystem and beyond. Based on one of the 5-HT Scouting Reports from 2021 on data-based therapy support, adherence support or electronic medication systems and its evaluation, GWQ decided to collaborate with the startup Ligari.

"The cooperation with 5-HT enables us to always offer our health insurance funds and thus their insureds new care solutions with relevant added value. The cooperation with Ligari is a perfect example of this." - Anita Guth, Lead Expert Health Care at GWQ Service Plus AG

The "digital home pharmacy" for the benefit of insured persons: health insurance perspective

Ligari was founded in 2016 and pursues the mission of supporting patients in their daily therapy routine in the best possible way through technological innovation. The start-up has already been part of the 5-HT network since 2021. In the 5-HT interview with CEO Simon Pfannemüller, he reported on the advantages of the app and the goals of the startup.

How was the "Digital Home Pharmacy" made fit for use by health insurance companies? From the circle of GWQ shareholder health insurance companies, the SBK Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse has already participated in the further development of the app. Through the cooperation between GWQ and Ligari, health insurance companies will be able to use the digital application in the future, for example, with their own branding. A white-label version is currently being developed for this purpose, for which the feedback of users and health insurance companies will be included.  A first test roll-out is planned for spring 2023. Information on using the app as a health insurance company is available from GWQ ServicePlus AG.

"Our jointly developed version of the digital home pharmacy, supplemented by added values with a focus on care practice show how valuable the combination of deep care expertise and user-friendly technology is." - Oliver Harks, Member of Executive Board, Health Care Management & Corporate Development at GWQ Service Plus AG

Little corporate effort, great cooperation success

The success story shows how innovative corporate-startup cooperations can succeed with the help of the 5-HT Digital Hub - also in the healthcare sector. The regular Startup Scouting as a Service saves important resources for established companies and frees up capacities for more in-depth processes.

Lisa Tschalenko, Senior Ecosystem Manager Digital Health & Pharma 5-HT, sums up: "Through 5-HT Scouting, GWQ was able to find the right solution for their concern with Ligari's "Digital Home Pharmacy" and thus make an important contribution to improving drug therapy safety and adherence. We are looking forward to the first results and reports of the test roll-out."

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