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Care needs digitization - and people. But when it comes to home care in particular, much of the time spent by family caregivers is lost to bureaucratic red tape.

Founder Armando Statti knows firsthand what it's like to be in need of care: As a chronic patient, the entrepreneur was dependent on home care when he was on dialysis waiting for a donor organ. He was also cared for by relatives. At the time, he was cared for by his parents and experienced firsthand how bureaucratic hurdles make the situation even more difficult for those affected. This experience gave rise to the question: Will this process be different later when he has to care for his parents?

"At DeinePflege.de, we know that the topic of care is incredibly personal and human. This is important to us and present in the entire team! Nevertheless, we also want to bridge the gap to technology and use digital solutions to improve the situation in care for those affected," says Armando. 

Armando Statti, founder of the startup DeinePflege

It all starts with the digital care application

The application service from deinePflege.de supports family members and those in need of care at the start of their outpatient care journey and offers a simple and user-oriented way to apply for care benefits for all health insurance companies in Germany. This saves the need to fill out complicated and bureaucratic forms. This makes it as quick and easy as possible to get started with care and access care benefits.

The current process of applying for care in Germany is lengthy and, above all, very tedious. Often, relatives have to dig through various homepages of insurance companies and long-term care insurers to find a complex long-term care application first. Then the application must be printed out, filled out and sent by mail. Digital is not an option here. This process usually takes 3 to 4 weeks already.

In the end, this leads to many benefits not being claimed. A study commissioned by the VDK, for example, shows that at least 12 billion euros in financial care benefits currently go unused every year.

But this is exactly where DeinePflege's solution comes in: from the startup's website, a care application can be filled out in just 15 minutes -. 
"With DeinePflege, our customers can submit their individual care application online in just three steps and less than 15 minutes - without any red tape. So we make your way into care as quick and easy as possible, so that our users can spend their time and energy on what really counts in life, More time to spend together" explains Armando.

"In addition, we support caring relatives with management during the care organization and network relevant service providers from all areas, such as care aids or home emergency call systems," Armando Statti explains the advantages of the startup. 

Simple, unbureaucratic and above all digital - filling out the care application on DeinePflege.de

Trustful handling of sensitive data

"Trust is topic number one for us," says Armando. "We work with sensitive, personal data and are aware of our responsibility. We guarantee our customers confidential handling of their data and comply with all data protection measures at all times: We work according to the strictest data protection guidelines and guarantee compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, our servers are located in Germany - thus securing all information at one location within Germany.

More time for being together

"We at DeinePflege firmly believe that care should feel different for patients and their relatives. Not stressful and overwhelming, but appreciative and fulfilling. We are convinced that this change can be brought about through more transparency, simplicity and targeted help. This gives patients and their relatives more time again for what's really important in life - being together!"

"Around 5 million working relatives care for their loved ones at home and do an incredible job every day. Relieving them is what drives us," Armando summarizes the startup's vision.

Insuring Digital Health - a bridge to health insurers

"There are already many ways to get support as a family caregiver, but often the application is already a hurdle. 
That is why we are looking for exchange and cooperation opportunities with insurance companies and companies from the care sector. In this way, we are looking for further revenue and growth opportunities," says Armando.

In September 2021, the startup participated in "Insuring Digital Health". The event focused on patient solutions for improved and individualized diagnosis, treatment and medication options. With the aim of integrating the startups' innovative solutions in the field of digital health into the service portfolio of the health insurance companies.

"Insuring Digital Health was a great success for us! We were able to pitch our solution to eight health insurance companies and had a great exchange with creative minds. Many thanks to the team at 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health." 

The care application was just the beginning - DeinePflege secures seven-figure investment

DeinePflege was recently able to collect a seven-figure investment. This came among from ProSenio as lead investor, which since last year has been working alongside Schülke & Mayr - a leading global leading global provider of infection prevention and hygiene solutions in the healthcare sector - is also part of has also been part of EQT's portfolio since last year. The investment round was again supported by the existing investors VENPACE, which focuses on startups in the insurance sector, and Europe's leading early-stage investor, Europe's leading early-stage investor APX and a business angel. The new capital will be used to further develop the platform into a mobile app, to expand the partner network and to further expand the team. In addition, the platform is to be expanded to include important functions for B2B sales.

"The ambulatory care market is in a state of flux," Armando says. "It's incredible pleasure to see how vibrantly it is being transformed by other startups ever further in the direction of 
digitization. We focused on valuable partnerships early on.  I am all the more pleased that we have now received a growth investment from a partner of the early hours. As part of such a great consortium, we will now work together on a digital care vision."

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