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From early restructurings, to numerous new text drafts and regular visual modifications, to the final polishing. That's pretty much how you can imagine the path our website has taken over the past weeks and months. Well, that's what a complete redesign, which we had in mind at the beginning of the year, entails. And now it's finally done. After many brainstorming sessions in the 5-HT team and weeks of creative and organizational work, we are happy to finally present you our new website. But for what reason did we redesign it at all? Which contents and features are new? And what are the advantages for you as a user? We will answer all these questions in this article…. tataaa….the first blog post of the new 5-HT website!

Marco Majer (left) and Dr. Frank Funke (right) present the new website

Marco Majer (left) and Dr. Frank Funke (right) present the new website

From the first idea to the relaunch

Why did we decide to redesign our online presence? Our current website has existed since the beginning of the Hub, which has grown enormously in the last two years - be it our network, our services, our programs, our media offerings or our team. In the meantime, we have added another focus area with the topic of sustainability. At the same time, of course, the content of our website has also increased. Numerous logos and profiles already decorate our network page, program subsections are steadily expanding, and our blog is growing by several posts a week. The result? A proud 5-HT team, but also an online presence that has grown organically.

For this reason, it was clear: after more than two years, we needed something different. We wanted to keep our colors and the clean look without a lot of flourishes. What we did want, however, was to make the site clearer and easier to navigate, so that visitors from any target group could find exactly what they were looking for without much fuss. Increasing the information content was also important to us. What does the hub actually do? What services does it offer? And what are my benefits when I work with 5-HT? All these questions should be answered clearly in the future. But that's not all. Of course, a redesign is also accompanied by a visual change. In order to put all these plans into practice, our team sat together with smoking heads not only once. So be curious to see how we implemented all of this!

What's new? That's new!

Let's take a look at the past. "Europe's fastest growing digital chemistry & health ecosystem," appeared prominently on our old website. Our image film played in the background. But what exactly is this fast-growing network? And what services does the 5-HT Digital Hub actually offer? We wanted to communicate this more clearly and in a more target group-specific way. No more long searches! Through the new menu items "For Established Companies" and "For Startups", we explicitly inform you about all the services we offer for these target groups. In addition, interested parties can find out what benefits they will enjoy by working with us. Compact, informative and to the point.

We have also expanded our network section. In addition to our startups, customers, mentors and other strong partners, visitors to our website can now also get to know our investors' network. Through the portraits we have created for each of the investors, we help startups to find the right partner for their funding. Through the new presentation of the areas of expertise of our mentors, we also help startups to find the right advisor for them and their needs.

Get to know our services for established companies and startups...

Get to know our services for established companies and startups...

...and your benefits by working with us

... and your benefits by working with us

Everything important for founders - our new information offer

Since 2018, we have been connecting established companies in the chemical and healthcare industries with innovative startups - all based on our vision of rapidly driving digitization in these industries. There are now over 200 startups with innovative and unique solutions in our network. And they will all be able to confirm it: developing an innovative solution is unfortunately usually not enough to prove successful in the market. Right at the beginning of their journey, many founders are faced with a number of challenges. Which legal form do I choose for my company? How do I obtain financial support? How do I build a network? In order to support both national and international (prospective) startups on this journey, we have integrated a dedicated menu item to answer all these questions. On four different pages, each with a different focus, founders can find out everything they need to know about setting up a company in Germany, about various funding programs and about Germany, as well as the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Thus, we offer an additional free information service for every visitor of our website.

New look

Even though the inner values are of course the most important, we have also refreshed the design of our website. And what is the first thing you notice? The new homepage is a lot more colorful and appealing. In line with our corporate design, it shines in the 5-HT colors blue, green and yellow, and new key visuals for all menu items make the website look more lively and add an emotional touch. Have you already discovered our new team picture?

To clearly present our services for established companies and for startups, as well as our programs and media offerings, we worked with a card design: The different content blocks are neatly separated in a tile with the corresponding key visual, a short description and a "Learn more" button that leads to the final page. With this design we enable a simple and clear navigation through the 5-HT online world.

Our new card design navigates you through our online world

Our new card design navigates you through our online world

It’s your turn

Now that we have hopefully made you curious about what awaits you on the new 5-HT website, it's your turn. Browse through our new menu items, find out about us and our world, and feel free to tell your colleagues about it. Have fun!

Oh, and if you are interested, talk to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

This project was funded by Baden-Württemberg.

Logos Baden-Württemberg

Logos Baden-Württemberg

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