GWQ ServicePlus new Partner of 5-HT

Corinna Herrmann


We are very pleased to announce GWQ ServicePlus AG as our new corporate sponsor. The cooperation is intended to provide new impetus in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

GWQ CEO Dr. Johannes Thormählen M.H.A.
GWQ CEO Dr. Johannes Thormählen M.H.A.

As an association of statutory health insurers, GWQ is interested in digital solutions with the aim of further enhancing patient sovereignty, effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare.

GWQ ServicePlus AG is a service company founded by company health insurance funds and currently represents over 76 shareholder and customer health insurance funds with more than 16 million insured persons. The company's goal is to increase the quality, performance and efficiency of health insurance funds.

GWQ's range of services includes the purchasing and procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical aids, the establishment of supply management services at the national and regional level, comprehensive support in the implementation of selective contracts, as well as services in the areas of information, data management and analytics.

In order to continue to make high-performance offerings for health insurers and insured persons future-proof and attractive, GWQ is also focusing on innovative, digital health solutions to expand its product portfolio.

GWQ CEO Dr. Johannes Thormählen M.H.A.
GWQ CEO Dr. Johannes Thormählen M.H.A.

"GWQ ServicePlus AG is pleased to have found a partner in the 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health that supports us in offering health insurers innovative and digital care services that provide added medical value. We are also very pleased to be a partner for visionaries and their ideas when it comes to market access and to be able to contribute our expertise with regard to the market of statutory health insurance companies."

GWQ CEO Dr. Johannes Thormählen M.H.A.

"In our efforts to drive digital innovation in the chemical and healthcare industry, we are expanding our international network of startups, companies and investors with the new partner GWQ. Thus, the health insurance expertise will be strengthened and our joint efforts for more innovations in the healthcare sector will be bundled. We are sure that this partnership will be beneficial for both of us. For example, GWQ will be presenting at the eHealth Symposium, where we are co-organizers. We look forward to working together."

Marco Majer, 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health

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