Grab your Startup Card - now available for Ludwigshafen!

Corinna Herrmann


Founders with a valid Startup Card from the Digital Hub Initiative are now invited to use the new co-working space at the Digital Hub Mannheim/Ludwigshafen - free of charge!

What is the Startup Card and how can founders benefit from it?

The Startup Card gives founders free access to the Digital Hubs’ coworking spaces: whether that’s locally or whilst travelling through Germany, so that founders can work on their business.

Startup Card

With this card, founders and their employees can make flexible and spontaneous use of the workstations and work outside of their home cities.

Apart from us in Ludwigshafen, our partner hubs in Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Munich and Nuremberg currently offer workspaces.

How does it work? Pretty easy!

You are a startup with digital solutions for the chemistry & health industry? Get in touch with us, become part of our network and receive your personalised Startup Card directly from us.

We are also open to welcome startups from our partner hubs of the Digital Hub Initiative to use our co-working space in Ludwigshafen.

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