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Corinna Herrmann


A warm welcome to our new Partner hub GINSEP, (German Indian Startup Exchange Program), Berlin, Germany. Happy to have you on board! You find a short profile on our network section of this website.

This is what GINSEP says about them and their partnership with us: 

"We're excited to engage in this partnership with 5-HT. They bring in a strong network and knowledge in their domain which we can benefit from, while we want to create the bridge to and from India to and from 5-HT. We're convinced that this partnership is going to gain importance in the field of Digital Chemistry & Health opening doors to India. Looking forward to seeing more Indian and German chemistry & health startups benefit from our partnership!"

Julian Zix, GINSEP

How would you describe the GINSEP ecosystem? 

GINSEP is an open platform to bring together all players active and with interest in the Indo-German startup ecosystem. This is of course both German and Indian startups but also organisations ranging from universities to incubators, VCs and corporates. We set up a network of more than 125 honorary German and Indian GINSEP Ambassadors – our expert network from different backgrounds – that offer their expertise to startups in need.

What programs does GINSEP offer for startups?

We offer ongoing individual support to startups through, where startups can directly reach out to our expert network. Besides that, we are organising events like info-sessions, workshops, pitches and delegation trips to support startups in their next step toward the respective other market.  

Could you share a success story of GINSEP?

Up till now (2020) more than 300 startups have actively participated in our events, with 50+ concrete business activities enabled through our activities. If you want to check out some successful startups from the Indo-German scene, have a look at Blinkin, Kruzr, Ankercloud, MonitorFish Canostix or Peat (Plantix).

What benefits do you expect from a partnership between GINSEP with 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health?

With our partnership we hope to tap into the potential for both German startups in India and Indian startups in Germany. GINSEP provides the access across the borders while 5-HT brings in the sectoral expertise in-depth. We’re sure this can be a very fruitful and impactful collaboration.

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