Five questions with X-linker Alumni Malthe Muff from Inniti

Laura Diez

Startup Stories

What is the business model of inniti? 

"Hello, my name is Malthe, CEO and co-founder of inniti. We are digitalizing laboratories by connecting all the existing laboratory equipment to our software platform using this little device which we called the inniti connector. We offer our service of laboratory digitalization and automation as a software as a service." 

What problem motivated you to start the company?

"It was me and my co-founder Anders Lund Rasmussen who during university we came out and saw a laboratory and were quite surprised to see the lack of digitalization that was present in these laboratories which meant that people with PHD´s and master’s degrees spend way too much time for manual and really repetitive work when they were doing RND work, quality control and also upscaling of their procedures. I could just see the potential that was in laboratories by introducing all the technologies from industry 4.0."

Which experiences do you take with you from the X-Linker Events? 

"X-Linker events are some of the best startup events out there, it´s a high level of startups and also some very good and corporates that 5-HT brings to the table. So, you can have a lot of really interesting dialogues and also has let to many interesting contacts for us as a company. The event has given us a lot of insides and a lot of potential costumers."

What role does 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health play for you?

"For us it´s kind of a place to stay in touch with what´s happening in the ecosystem. We can follow the other startups that are working on some very cool technologies for laboratories and for digitalization and also get an understanding of where is it those big corporates are at, what is the problem that they are looking into solving, where is it that they can see those technologies such as ours can bring a lot of value to them. So, it´s a good way to kind of have the finger on the pulse of what´s happening in the ecosystem."

Where do you see yourself in 3 years and how can 5-HT support you?

"I´m very much looking forward to seeing were we are actually in 3 years because I have very positive hopes for the future I can see how fast we are evolving now – both as a team and also our product.

We have a very clear roadmap for how we want to continue delivering more value for our customers through digitalizing the laboratories.

I believe that we will have a much greater ecosystem around us when we look at inniti in 3 years and that we can basically connect to all equipment out there and be the center of the ecosystem for what we call laboratory digitalization, so we have our platform to center data to your other excisting platform and laboratory software. 

And I also believe that 5-HT can be a big part of this because they are good at connecting different companies – both corporates but also different types of startups so we of course hope that 5-HT will be a big part of this journey."

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