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Marko Gacesa, CPO of US-startup Alchemy, participated in February 2022 in the 5-HT X-linker “Lab of the future” and presented their platform that accelerates product development and improves service delivery with software and AI powering the digital lab of the future. He claims to offer the “Ultimate Chemistry Acceleration Platform”. Let’s get to know more.

The founders of Alchemy (f.l.t.r.): Sasha Novakovich, Marko Gacesa, Nikola Milinkovic und Dusko Vesin 

How would you explain your solution in three sentences to a professional colleague in a chemical company?

"Alchemy provides a software-as-a-service platform that digitizes chemical lab work and runs artificial intelligence on that data to accelerate innovation and product development. The platform requires no coding by our customers, leaving them to focus fully on perfecting their formulations, not on data capture or software development. We typically digitize a customer’s lab operations in under 90 days to get them working smarter and moving faster."

Alchemy solution

What problem motivated you to start the company?

"The chemical industry is a societal problem solver. It influences nearly every aspect of life from ensuring a safe water supply to manufacturing nutritious food and more. However, the lab work to create these necessities is done by different groups with disconnected tools, making the process expensive and time-intensive. We started Alchemy to significantly improve the processes essential to solving these global challenges."

How do you convince a chemical company to set up a pilot project with you?

"We sell to companies who have already made developing a “smart lab” a top corporate imperative. We then digitize a scientific workflow for free. We combine best practices and close collaboration to replicate a prospect’s specific chemistry requirements quickly. This approach gives the prospect a clear understanding of how the Alchemy platform will map their scientific workflow, generate an application, use the application, change it, and report on the data generated from it." 

Who are your current customers (groups) and who do you want your potential customers to be?

"Alchemy’s chemistry acceleration platform is employed by customers in a range of industries including coatings & paints, food & beverage, energy storage & advanced materials, adhesives & sealants, personal care & cosmetics, and inks, dyes, & pigments. We focus on repeating our success in these specific markets."

What do you expect from the 5-HT X-linker “Lab of the Future“ and what is your overall feedback of the event?

"As we expand upon our existing customer base in the European Union, we look to 5-HT X-Linker to facilitate networking and meetings with chemical leaders who want faster time to market and streamlined innovation. Alchemy partners with care and values long-term, mutually beneficial relationships."

Marko Gacesa from Alchemy (top left) with Marco Majer/5-HT (top right), Brian Standen/BASF (bottom left) and Marie Asano/ECBF (bottom right), at the 5-HT X-linker "Lab of the Future" in Feb 2022

Where do you see yourself in 3 years and how can 5-HT support you?

"Over the next 3 years, IDC Research anticipates that 95% of chemical CEOs will be innovating around technology to drive improved process innovation. Alchemy looks to capture a significant share of those global technology purchases. We see 5-HT as a key enabler in succeeding with our market development strategy through: 

  • Relevant introductions to corporate partners
  • Their value-added understanding of the European chemicals industry
  • Improving Alchemy’s awareness amongst top European chemicals companies."

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