Deep LS: AI software revolutionizes drug development for scientists

Corinna Herrmann

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The startup Deep LS uses Ai-based software to help scientists develop active substances more efficiently. In an interview, Daniel Soric, Co-Founder and CEO of Deep LS, explains that they support people in addressing diseases more effectively. Currently their customers and partners are in the EMEA region, but they plan to expand into the USA soon.

How would you explain your solution in three sentences to a professional colleague from the health sector?

"The startup Deep LS offers AI-based software that helps scientists to develop active ingredients more efficiently. Our software includes AI models that can generate new drug candidates and optimize them based on their biological properties. Our software covers several sub-processes of drug development, so results can be exchanged across processes, enabling a faster and more efficient drug development process."

What problem motivated you to start the company?

"During my time at a large life science company, I noticed that complex processes did not meet the digitization standard as in other industries. Corona has also made us all realize how important it is to remain agile towards our environment. However, the drug development process was a rigid and costly process that left little room for innovation. A lot has happened in recent years thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Nevertheless, we are still in the early stages of the opportunities that AI offers us in the field of drug development."

How do you convince a pharmaceutical company, a health insurance company or another potential client to set up a pilot project with you?

"Deep LS combines two essential aspects. We combine highly innovative AI models and cross-process communication in our software. With our user interface, scientists are able to intuitively use the software to design new drug candidates (i.e. small molecules) with generative AI and optimize the biological properties of these candidates. As our software addresses multiple sub-processes of drug development, new insights can be seamlessly implemented in our pipeline. Pharmaceutical companies can use our software on a license basis, but we also work with them on individual projects. With the extension of our software to further sub-processes such as AI-assisted predictions of clinical trials or the identification of pathogen-associated molecules, we will offer pharmaceutical companies the ability to optimize, regulate and manage the entire drug development process within a pipeline."

Who are your current customer (groups) and who do you want your potential customers to be?

"The vision of Deep LS is to use our AI-based software to help people address diseases more effectively. Our current customer groups are pharmaceutical and biotech companies. However, the problems addressed by our solution also arise in other fields of research, e.g. crop protection, cosmetics or food supplements.Our customers and partners are currently focused on the EMEA region, primarily Europe and the UAE. We are aware that there is great demand for our solutions in the USA and would like to expand there soon."

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