Is my snoring dangerous? BIG direkt gesund health insurance company and Diametos work together

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Innovation meets healthcare: The health insurance company BIG direkt gesund and the startup Diametos, developer of the sleep apnea app Snorefox M, have launched a promising partnership. This collaboration, which was initiated at the “Insuring Digital Health 2023” event through the mediation of 5-HT Chemistry & Health, shows how digital health solutions can contribute to improving the quality of life of insured persons.

The aim of this cooperation is to offer an innovative solution for detecting sleep apnoea that helps policyholders to identify risks and act accordingly in a simple way. In an interview with Jill Hültenschmidt, Care Manager in the Managed Care team at BIG direkt gesund, and Heiko Butz, founder of Diametos, we gain an insight into the origins and progress of this partnership.

Snoring diagnostics with Snorefox M - as simple as snoring itself

Snorefox M is a medical device-approved app that makes it possible to detect sleep apnea using a smartphone. All users have to do is place their cell phone next to their bed while they sleep. The app analyzes the snoring sounds and derives a risk score that indicates whether sleep apnea could be present. This method is revolutionary as it requires no additional hardware and can be used without a prior visit to the doctor.

"Our aim is to reduce the number of undetected cases of sleep apnoea. Up to 18% of people in Germany are affected, but 80% don't know it,” says Butz. "Sleep apnea can have serious health consequences, from heart problems to strokes. With Snorefox M, we can intervene at an early stage and help those affected to recognize their own risk."

Origin of the collaboration

The first contact between BIG direkt gesund and Diametos was established at the Insurance Digital Health (IDH) 2023 event in Mannheim. It was there that Christiane Heidrich and Sarah Hölscher from BIG direkt gesund met Heiko Butz from Diametos for the first time. Due to her focus on sleep health, Jill Hültenschmidt was involved in further discussions to check whether the offer was suitable for BIG direkt gesund's policyholders.

The Diameots founding team: Christoph Janott (left) and Heiko Butz (right).

“The health insurance companies immediately understood what it was all about and the potential savings and health benefits that can result from the early detection of sleep apnoea,” explains Heiko Butz.

Contract conclusion and implementation

After successful internal tests, which showed a high potential for the offer among the insured, BIG direkt gesund decided to enter into a contractual agreement with Diametos. After several discussions, the contract was finalized. The offer was officially launched on April 29 and policyholders were informed about the new offer from May 6, including via the customer magazine “BIGmag”. Initially, 500 licenses will be offered to test the acceptance of the offer. Jill Hültenschmidt explains: “We have a high potential of people who may have undetected sleep apnoea, which is why we decided to enter into a contractual agreement. This partnership is a milestone for us. The combination of ease of use and the high accuracy of Snorefox M enables us to offer our members real added value and at the same time take preventive action against secondary diseases."

Sleep apnea app Snorefox M

Insuring Digital Health impresses with direct dialog

“I particularly appreciate the direct dialog and equal communication between health insurance companies and start-ups,” says Hültenschmidt. This platform enables both parties to focus their efforts on the well-being of the insured and to find innovative solutions. She says: “You get the feeling that you're talking on the same level here, because both parties are actually trying to ensure that something good is offered to the insured.” She recommends participation in IDH to all health insurance companies, as well as start-ups that already have a certain understanding of the requirements of statutory health insurance companies. She emphasizes the importance of products being fully developed before they are presented there.

Don't oversleep the future

Diametos has big plans for the future. After the successful start with BIG direkt gesund, they want to expand their cooperation with other health insurance companies. The aim is to make the app available throughout Germany and thus help even more people.

“We have already received positive feedback from our users and see great potential to revolutionize preventive healthcare,” says Butz. "We would like everyone over a certain age to have regular sleep apnoea screening, similar to other preventive check-ups. This way, together with the health insurance companies, we can improve the quality of life of many people."

The success story of BIG direkt gesund and Snorefox M is an impressive example of how digital innovations in the healthcare sector can not only reduce costs, but also improve people's lives in the long term. The partnership between the two companies is a shining example of how collaboration and the use of modern technology can break new ground in healthcare.

We at 5-HT Chemistry & Health are excited to see where the journey takes us and congratulate BIG direkt gesund and Snorefox M on their successful collaboration.

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