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Laboratory 4.0 promises automation, full digitalization, and a modular work environment. “We believe tomorrow’s innovation was needed yesterday. And we often ask ourselves why engineers and scientists are still spending days in the lab performing manual and repetitive work when they should be analyzing results and coming up with new solutions on the world’s great challenges,” says Malthe Muff, CEO and Co-founder of Inniti who is part of the 5-HT ecosystem. Founded in 2017 after realizing the lack of modular automation solutions in chemistry laboratories, the Danish startup is providing laboratory professionals with a solution for automating the design, execution, and documentation of experiments. In the interview with 5-HT Malthe talks about Inniti´s solution, automating manual process and how the 5-HT X-Linker connected them with relevant corporates in their niche. 

CEO and Co-founder Malthe Muff

Automating manual process

“At Inniti, we help engineers and scientist in accelerating their development by enabling them to automate their lab work. We are a tech-startup working within industry 4.0 with a clear objective of bringing chemical laboratory equipment into the 4th industrial age. With our software platform you can design your own experiment with the equipment you already have in your lab. The modular approach allows you to modify your experiment depending on test requirements and at the same time offering a scalable solution

To summarize: Inniti is a simple solution to automate experiments and meet the goals for ease of use, reproducibility, flexibility and throughput. Our clients can access their data and documentation of procedures anytime from anywhere,” explains Malthe.

Client working in lab using the Inniti solution

Customizable and modular – and time-saving

The solution is designed for multi-purpose use – so the same hardware can be re-configured to fit anywhere. Inniti´s system provides machine accuracy and automated data gathering, making sure that experiments are performed as intended every time. “The software platform provides you with the tools for automating research and development in your laboratory. You can control and monitor all your equipment directly from your own computer and design your experiment with our drag and drop functionality. When you press "start" the equipment will be operated exactly as intended, while you can live monitor and control the experiment from anywhere. The main benefit people get is of course they save a lot of time. With our solution they can save up to 70 % of their lab time. Additionally, we can increase their testing capacity with our software up to 300 percent and minimize the number of human errors they have because now its automated and it will be run the same every time,” Malthe explains the benefits for clients. The model is based on software as a service where the clients get charged per device that is connected to the software platform. This means users have unlimited usage but then their manner of devices defines the price they pay.

Inniti Dashboard

Making important connections at the 2021 5-HT X-Linker

In February 2021 Inniti was one of ten startups in the 5-HT X-Linker, a bootcamp for startups in the field of digital chemistry, aiming to connect promising startups with corporates and advancing digital solutions in the chemical industry. “I was really impressed about the level of corporates 5-HT has brought to the table,” Malthe emphasizes his excitement about the Corporate Speed Dating part of the event. In virtual rooms, the startups had the opportunity to meet with company representatives from BASF, Braskem, Daikin, Endress+Hauser, Evonik, Gelita, Henkel, Merck, Pepperl+Fuchs and SAP and explore points of contact for further cooperation.

“I would strongly advice other people in this space to participate and if you’re not in this specific space find accelerators that work in your niche because it brings so much value to you. Overall, the X-Linker has been successful for us.  We got to talk to a lot of interesting companies and are grateful to be part of the 5-HT ecosystem.” 

Malthe Muff
Inniti Co-founder: Anders Lund Rasmussen, Malthe Muff & Matteo Fumagalli (from left to right)

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