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Katharina Kittelberger


To everyone's delight, this year our "Insuring Digital Health" event was once again able to take place in Presence on Thursday, September 15, 2022. In order to enable health startups and health insurance companies to network quickly and purposefully and to establish a long-term partnership, this fall the fourth edition of the event was again held with Health in Innovation, an EIT Health company. 

By means of matchmaking and speed dating between health startups and representatives of health insurance companies and insurers, new, needs-based and digital solution approaches for patients were to be discussed - a necessity in the light of the advancing digitalization of the German healthcare system.

Kicking off Insuring Digital Health 2022

After an initial informal get-together in the foyer, anticipation rose among those present for the start of the event at 12:30 pm.

This year's "Insuring Digital Health" was officially opened with a speech by the two organizers Dr. Frank Funke, Managing Director at 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health, and Carolin Schanz, Business Development Manager at Health in Innovation

After holding Insuring Digital Health online for two years in a row, this year participants were able to meet again in presence

The microphone was then handed over to Sebastian Durnwalder, Head of Healthcare Germany, and Christoph Winter, Principal Account Manager - Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Together they held an exciting key note on the topic "Innovative and secure cloud solutions in the German healthcare sector", use of digitalization at PKV, GKV and eHealth partners - practical examples and solution approaches. 

Lisa Tschalenko, Senior Ecosystem Manager at 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health, and Sebastian Meuer, Project Manager at Health in Innovation, led the event in a charming and professional manner.

Lisa Tschalenko (left) and Sebastian Meuer (right) provided pleasant moderation for our "Insuring Digital Health" this year

For the great moderation and organization of the event, the two received a lot of recognition from the participants. Among others, Felix Bicu, Chief Operating Officer of Memodio, commented: 

Thanks to Lisa and Sebastian for the great organization yesterday! It was really well organized, the best event so far in our short startup life.

Matchmaking through pitches and speed dating sessions

Whether breast cancer screening, dementia prevention or more self-determination in pregnancy - our "Insuring Digital Health" Ecosystem Startups this year covered a broad spectrum of innovative, digital solutions in the health sector. The following health-focused startups participated: 

Trained through pitch trainings completed in advance, the health startups presented their innovative, digital solutions in a targeted and precise manner to the health insurers, insurance companies, patient organizations and service providers AOK Baden-Württemberg, Barmer, BIG direkt gesund, BKK VBU, GWQ ServicePlus AG, IKK Südwest, pronova BKK and Die Techniker.

This was followed by the heart of the event, which were the speed dating sessions between the health startups and the health insurers. This one-on-one matchmaking opportunity created the optimal setting for the health startups to present their respective solution approaches, get to know the needs of the individual health insurers in a practical way, and explore cooperation opportunities. 

In speed dating sessions, the startups were given the opportunity to have in-depth one-on-one conversations with health insurance companies 

Sarah Jankowsky, Co-Founder & COO of Brea Health, was very positive about the speed dating sessions: 

We had good and valuable conversations, both with the health insurance companies and with some of the other founders.

Equally encouraging was the feedback from Kathrin Simon, Innovation Manager at GWQ ServicePlus AG

The Insuring Digital Health event was a day filled with exciting new solutions and inspiring exchanges. The format manages to bring together supply and demand for innovative care solutions in a goal-oriented way. Thank you for the good discussions!

A successful ending to a successful "Insuring Digital Health"

Even after the speed dating sessions ended in the early evening, there was still enough time for the attendees to network. Enriched by the input of the event, a large part of the participants lingered in the foyer of the Marsilius-Arkaden to further expand the contacts made that day. The health insurance representatives were enthusiastic and spoke in large numbers in favor of continuing the event next year. 

Oliver Weiss, Founder & CEO of Noah Labs, makes clear how much the event plays into the development of the startups and their success in getting into statutory care:

Again, a big thank you with exclamation point for the great event today! For startups like us, this is really a huge opportunity to get in touch with so many cash registers in one fell swoop. In any case, I can only recommend the event and will actively do so.

Likewise, Elena Kirchner, founder of Uma Health, experienced Insuring Digital Health as very positive:  

For us, the event was very informative and helpful to better assess what health insurers are interested in. Thanks again for the excellent organization!

A group photo of the organizers, startups and health insurers participating in this year's Insuring Digital Health

We would like to thank all participants for the exciting exchange and the successful event. A special thanks for the pleasant cooperation goes to Health in Innovation. The consistently positive feedback further strengthens us in our mission, namely to drive innovation in healthcare through matchmaking events. 

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