5-HT team members become book authors - article about digital health startups as innovation drivers

Corinna Herrmann

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The new book is here! Stefan Kohl, Fabian Filipczyk, Marco R. Majer and Lisa Tschalenko are proud co-authors of the book "Transferinnovationen und Innovationstransfer zwischen Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft".

Stefan Kohl (l.) and Marco R. Majer (r.) with the book "Transferinnovationen und Innovationstransfer zwischen Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft"

In their article "Spin-offs instead of publications - digital health start-ups as a future driver for the economy", they show why digital health start-ups, especially in the form of spin-offs from German universities, could be decisive drivers for the necessary innovations in the health sector. After all, the German healthcare system is lagging behind other European countries in terms of digitalisation.

Despite the great potential for growth and development, the healthcare industry is still an opaque market for innovative, digital start-ups, which is associated with many hurdles. Based on our own many years of experience in the start-up scene as well as insights from successful founders, potential success factors for a successful (spin-off) start-up in the health sector are highlighted and recommendations for action are derived.

Many thanks to Mario A. Pfannstiel and Alma Dautovic for compiling the authors and contributions from business and science and to the publisher Springer Gabler.

➡️ You can purchase this book here under ISBN: 978-3-658-37157-9 for a fee: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-658-37157-9

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