4C Accelerator Tübingen

Marieke Weise


Compared to other industries, the survival of life science startups is particularly challenging due to the long timeframes and capital required to reach market maturity. For this reason, the 4C Accelerator Tübingen training program was created to provide support for business model development up to "investor readiness" by elaborating the 4C's of medical life sciences.

4C Accelerator Tübingen - Application deadline: 05.03.20214C Accelerator Tübingen - Application deadline: 05.03.2021

Participation in the 4C Accelerator is possible as a team, or as an individual!
Students, professionals, founding teams, and innovators, including clinicians, nurses, lab technicians, and scientists, who would like to turn their innovative ideas into healthcare solutions in the areas below are invited to register by 05.03.21.

  • Medical devices (gadgets, machines, instruments, implants)

  • Therapeutics (drugs, active substances)

  • Diagnostics (laboratory tests or procedures)

  • Digital health (data, analytics, software, monitoring)

The training program has been adapted to the particular challenges faced by life science startups. These are especially at the 4C's:

  • C1-C-Commercialization: Planning of revenues in the healthcare system (e.g. reimbursement by health insurance companies)

  • C2-Certification: Approval of product & company

  • C3-Clinical Studies: Proof of efficacy of the product

  • C4-Copyright: Strategic use of data / property rights

In addition, high-caliber experts and continuous project support work on life science-specific topics in order to impart specialist knowledge for individual elements of a business model in this industry. Basic entrepreneurial content plays a subordinate role; instead, the most burning questions around norms and standards, company certification, product approval, but also reimbursement options in the healthcare system are answered.

A more specific overview of topics during the 4C Accelerator is shown below:

  • 4 days in C1-Commercialization

  • 4 days in C2-Certification

  • 2 days in C3-Clinical Studies

  • 2 days in C4-Copyright

  • 1 day in International Health Markets

  • 1 day workshop with a public health insurance company

Additional questions and information can be answered on the 4C Accelerator Tübingen website.

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