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Individual Matchmaking

Matchmaking by 5-HT: One-time cross-sectional analysis of the requisition.

For companies, we conduct a one-time, targeted and global search for suitable startups based on a specific order. The basis is your current, clearly defined scouting needs. We agree on this together.

Afterwards, we scout on a global level according to your search request. First, you will receive an overview (longlist) and after its review and your selection, the get-to-know meetings with the startups will take place. Our intensive market penetration and our overview of the startup scene enables us to provide you with a scouting report containing a wealth of startup information within the defined time and cost frame.

After our pre-selection, we establish the contact between the established companies and the most attractive startups. We support the evaluation of a possible collaboration and the initiation of a successful cooperation.

Accelerate your digitization and start a project now! Talk to us about the possibilities and the cost framework.

  • One-time cross-sectional analysis of the requisition

  • Comprehensive overview for specific search

  • From search request to match in a short time

  • Receiving the overview (longlist) and later getting to know the startups

  • Defined budget

  • Preparation of the startups for the get-to-know

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