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Co-Development Projects

Develop in a protected space.

At our premises, established companies and startups find a protected space for co-development projects, so that solutions can be (further) developed on the basis of a use case. We connect relevant startups with the established company, act as an accelerator and consultant, and also act as a mediator between the company and the startup - thus ensuring that the project runs smoothly.

In addition to providing co-working spaces, we also help to accelerate the clarification of IP discussions. Through our coordination function, both corporates and startups can fully focus on the development of a joint solution.

Start a project now! Talk to us about the possibilities and the cost framework.

  • All-round package for successful co-development projects

  • Smooth process due to 5-HT

  • Clarification of the IP

  • Use of co-working spaces at 5-HT

  • Benefit from 5-HT expertise

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