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For established companies 5-HT finds the right matches globally

We support you in your entire innovation process and bring companies and innovative startups together in a perfect fit. We make collaboration with startups easier. And more successful.

Implementing external innovation more easily

Progress is made together. 5-HT supports you.

As an established company, where do I get new impetus for digital transformation? How do I gain access to the startup scene in the fields of chemistry, health and sustainability? How do I position myself as an attractive partner to startups?

Network, collaborate and co-develop. We support you in your entire innovation process.

The future belongs to external innovation. After all, innovation is best driven jointly and succeeds most effectively when the right partners come together. 5-HT provides the right match. Globally.

We act as your satellite in the startup scene and position you towards startups.

In the first step, we jointly analyze your specific innovation potential. Based on your fields of action, we identify startups worldwide that are a perfect fit for you. We compile a clear overview of their services according to your criteria and, if desired, connect you with the startups. We prepare the startups intensively for the talks, so that the chance of a successful cooperation is significantly increased. For potential projects, we act as objective intermediaries and thus ensure a smooth implementation of the projects. Get to know our services for established companies. And your advantages as a corporate partner.

We can do chemistry, health and sustainability.

With many years of industry expertise, we understand your business and its requirements and needs. We currently have over 320 startups in our ecosystem.

We bring companies and startups together as a perfect fit and speak the language of both sides. That way, we reduce friction losses and make collaboration with startups easier. And more successful.

Meet other decision makers and startups at our events.

Besides, we have a lot to offer in other areas. For example, our own symposia, seminars and Programs – challenging, diverse and always cutting-edge.


We have successfully initiated and implemented several projects with our partners. Talk to our experts.

  • New impetus for digital transformation

  • Access to innovative startups and ecosystem in the field of chemistry, health and sustainability

  • Positioning as an attractive partner to startups

  • Partnership based on concrete projects

  • Exploit innovation potential

  • Exchange of expertise within the ecosystem

  • Exchange on best practices

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