5-HT Digital Hub partner of „Startups against Corona”

We know how successful and fast startups can solve critical problems. Now, that the whole world faces numerous challenges due to coronavirus, we are more than happy to partner with 27pilots with startupsagainstcorona.com. This platform brings together companies with problems and startups with solutions. Let’s work together to overcome this crisis! Share your problem or solution now!

Startups against Corona

Any startup with an outstanding solution that can help overcome the coronavirus crisis is called to share their solution on startupsagainstcorona.com!

And companies with business-critical problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are requested to share their problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic on startupsagainstcorona.com, so startups know what to focus on!

No fees are being charged to companies or startups for the services offered at Startups Against Corona.

You can find more here: https://startupsagainstcorona.com/

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