Rehabilitation exercises that are fun – for all ages!

Becure provides balance, lower and upper extremity, and hand exercise programs which are developed by a gaming approach especially for geriatric, neurological, orthopedic, sportive and pediatric rehabilitation areas.

Being part of the ecosystem of the Digital Hub Chemistry & Health, Dr. İsmail Uzun explains in an interview with 5-HT in the Digital Hub office which solutions Becure offers to patients.

You can visit Becure at the Medica 18-21 November 2019 in Düsseldorf (Hall 15 / L17).

Dr. İsmail Uzun from Becure (middle) visits Marco R. Majer and Corinna Herrmann from Digital Hub Chemistry & Health

Simply to the point – what does your company do?

Becure is a provider of virtual reality-based active video games specialized in physiotherapy and rehabilitation as well as in wellness. It is a “Personalized Healthcare” system which provides the possibility of remote monitoring and home application of the programs creating a high motivation for the patient and improvement in the performance of therapy.

Who are your customers or your target group?

Our target customers can actually be everyone who wants to live a healthy life, thanks to the easy and user-friendly interface with a scientifically tested background of its applications.

Special target groups for Becure are people who need to follow physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs either temporarily such as after a surgery or all through his/her life like elderly people or children with CP as well as rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and senior retirement homes.

What are the medical benefits?

Patients can benefit from higher motivation, biofeedback and a convenient homecare program for chronical diseases. Our system allows monitoring and measurement as well as data driven rehab programs for physicians. Hospitals can take advantage of reduced costs and high-quality care.

How do you make money with it?

Becure is a subscription system. It can be subscribed either by the B2B or B2C customers which enables to create a long-lasting and even increasing cooperation as well as revenue with its users.

Additionally, since it is a software application, it is always open to development which results in new products as well as new functionalities that again brings the platform a sustainable revenue.

What makes you so unique? What is your USP?

Becure provides personalized rehabilitation games covering a wide range of exercise programs, targeting a rich variety of diseases by the support of hardware which is brand independent. Our system offers the right exercise for each individual patient.

Patient using Becure’s device

When has your company been founded?

Even though Becure has been founded in February 2019, our key technological partner Fizyosoft dates back to 2014 by its development and sales activities in Turkey.

Why are you located in CUBEX, Mannheim?

We see CUBEX as a very well-developed ecosystem, consisting of hospitals and technological companies, led by fast and proactive managers.

How do you describe your corporate culture? And your team?

Our corporate culture puts the customer first and focuses on innovation to support customer requirements. This is realized by a very young team that is highly motivated and results oriented.

What are you particularly proud of?

We have developed a very effective product to support wellness and health for people of all ages. So, we are proud of taking part in life sciences, supporting better lives.

What would you do differently in retrospect?

Cooperation with sales and marketing partners as well as with global accelerators at an earlier period would have given us a quicker and better potential customer and market coverage.

What are your next plans?

Well, firstly we would like to develop a sales channel network in Europe, focused on healthcare and wellness and then we would like to enter the US market. We are open to collaborate in R&D projects for EUREKA programs.

What advice do you give to other founders?

Even if the product of a startup is a software, it is not enough to have IT knowledge and background. Founders need to have a partner from the healthcare sector who knows the market in order to be successful. Another critical component is having a proactive team. It is absolutely worth the effort to build such a team.

What do you expect from your participation in the Digital Hub ecosystem?

We want to network with relevant market players and are open to discuss cooperation with other startups, corporates or investors. There are various means like joint events to achieve that.

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